The kitchen is the very heart of a home. It is where a family gathers to have their small talk and make new memories, or colleagues gather in their lunch break to crack a joke and let out the stress. Kitchens witness smiles and tears. But, unfortunately, not everyone sees and bears silent witness to these moments. Therefore, kitchens must be taken care of, for the values they hold, making any house, a home.

Having been established in 2014, Hybrid Kitchen has a prolonged vision of creating artistic and luxury kitchens that are also durable. However, while fancy kitchen equipment and pieces are easy to find and have to be paid a considerable amount to purchase, none of those seems to hold on to the value of durability. Seeing this gap, the team has become pioneers at bridging it, adding value to the colours and shine, introducing “durable luxury kitchens.”

The production of truth in luxury and worth was undoubtedly a difficult task. There have been almost two years of uncanny testing, testing and combining, trying to discover the ideal material to give value to a beautiful kitchen. The road to prosperity and ingenuity is never straightforward and worth it all the more. On a few occasions,  our factory which was near Ceylon brewery in Biyagama fell submerged, as the team threw away their equipment, machinery and everything they had laboured day and night. However, it is important to pull yourself up and get over the hurdles to earn the top of the world, while the rest of your competition have second thoughts.

Hybrid Kitchens are European in their style, with a Scandinavian twist. However, the team does give a hint of Lankan style to its gorgeous and sophisticated items when the products are distributed around the local community.

Fast forward to today, Hybrid Kitchen has a considerable influence on the rest of the market, becoming absolute trendsetters that are always a step ahead of the competition. It is always a humble pleasure to know that products, styles and innovations are looked forward to by your own competition itself.

Project management of Hybrid Kitchen is fully automated, with their staff working from home and contributing their best towards the company’s success. Hybrid Kitchen is winning the new normal with leadership that follows its unique operations style, constantly innovating methods and testing new ideas.

The Hybrid Kitchen team gives life to a magical cooking facility that simultaneously helps the clients feel at home and away. Hybrid Kitchen certainly stands for inventiveness and sustainability with added value to the heart of its goods.