The Art of Unfurling Affirmation – the Founder of Crescent Flowers, Anosha Koralage

She creates alchemy that flourishes both creative and analytical mindsets while striving her best to achieve her goals. Crescent Flowers’ Founder, Anosha Koralage, has developed an outstanding presence by providing her clients with the most innovative and distinctive arrangements, exceeding their expectations. Anosha is a chemical engineer who has been able to integrate her creative and entrepreneurial aspirations with her professional interests as she progresses through her career path with devotion and persistence.

Aspiring to be a chemical engineer upon completion of her advanced levels in Sri Lanka, Anosha’s life of independence was initiated as she left for England to attend university. Obtaining a BEng (hons) in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, followed by an MSc in Environment and Energy Engineering at the University of Sheffield, Anosha made her way into the corporate world as she entered the workforce in Sri Lanka. Following a couple of years of working in Sri Lanka, Anosha added another qualification to her impressive portfolio, completing the MSt in Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge, UK. 

As she hoped and dreamed, Anosha involved herself in the corporate sector, starting off her career in the UK at Glaxo Smith Kline and then coming to Sri Lanka and joining many blue-chip companies such as John Keels Holdings group, Dialog, and MAS, Anosha reflects on her dedicated efforts while proudly confessing her present role at Twinery Innovations by MAS, where she is a member of the team in the central innovation section. As she enjoys life at work, Anosha states she has always had a drive for creativity, which led to the creation of Crescent Flowers.

Having had a creative side to her, possibly because of her father, who is an artist, Anosha got into the industry through her father’s influence, as he, after early retirement, wanted to open a flower shop and be dedicated to the plantation. Anosha soon took over and elevated the notion of a flower store to new heights, catering to the individual demands of her consumers and putting her artistic skills to good use, just as they had done along Maitland Crescent, where Crescent Flowers got its name.

“I moved from the concept of a flower shop to only handling weddings and events as I wanted to continue working as an engineer and do this as a passion project. I then slowly transitioned Crescent Flowers to what it is today. A company is known for carrying out unique, personalized designs using natural flowers and arrangements. I only take on a couple of orders for a month and give it my all making sure to never repeat any of my designs.”

Taking her initial creative vision to an elite level through her entrepreneurial sense and analytical outlook on life, Anosha now embraces the network she has created with pride and joy. As she looks back at the journey, she has come so far, she is thankful for every achievement and struggle she has been through as an individual, an employee, a leader and especially as a woman. She speaks of the many corporate roles she has held in which she was surrounded by mostly male coworkers. As much as this did not make any difference to her, in terms of potential and dedication, she hopefully admits the huge potential women can have within the corporate environment if they are willing to occupy it.

“I think I draw a lot of strength from my mom and her character. She is a person who never backs down, and amidst a lot of challenges, She always taught me to give respect where necessary, but not let negative situations or people affect my beliefs or thoughts. She always taught me not to be vengeful or not to take things personally.”

Anosha is determined to uphold the essential principles she grew up with, drawing inspiration from a powerful female character in her life. She aims to use these characteristics as a leader to help her teammates achieve their goals. As Anosha claims, “If you are good at what you do and you read the room when you address people, you can overcome most of the challenges that women have to face. Even when I do events, most of the other vendors I have to work with are men. As long as you are assertive but at the same time respectful to everyone, it helps with most situations. “An approach that fits one’s unique individuality and a mindset that caters to balancing any circumstances is the best quality one can have as a leader.

While Anosha is pleased to see more women leaders than ever before, she emphasizes the importance of spreading this change widely. Many sectors still need more female leaders, and as her personal experience suggests, educating society about the potential industries where women’s participation can contribute to overall improvement is critical. Belonging to a patriarchal culture where women are always shaded by a male figure, Anosha stands as an illuminating example of change, where one can hope to break bounds without breaking bonds.

“Career or family doesn’t have to be options that cancel out each other. It doesn’t have to be either that or this or both. It is your personal choice. Just because you decide that you want to be a parent does not make you any less of a leader than a woman who embraces a career. You can have both. You can have one and still be a superwoman at what you do. Don’t lose sight of what you want. I think it is important to understand that. Do whatever that makes you happy.”

When seeking effective remedies, it is critical to go to the base of the problem rather than avoid it.  Anosha is a firm believer in this concept, and she is a trailblazer in the fight for equality. No one should be deprived of their rightful place because of external factors, and an approach that centres on humanism can bring the change the majority hopes for. As Anosha states, “We need to change society to a point where a girl would have the same freedom and potential as a boy. And to change that, we must change the next generation of kids. With that change, we can create a more conducive society where both boys and girls have a fair playing field to grow. “ That society stands as the ultimate goal that’ll ensure peace and justice on a truly human scale as Anosha continues to pioneer that change through her actions, thoughts and outlook in life.

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