Selleys by Nippon Paint, the proud developers of the only product range with the Sil-X  Advanced Polymer Technology, are redefining benchmarks with their unrivalled quality and diversity. They are one of the many ranges of products by Dulux -Australia whose parent company is Nippon.

Nippon received its 4th consecutive Platinum Award for the Paint Category in the Reader’s  Digest Trusted Brand Awards 2019 as the consumers’ most trusted brand among industry players. 

In 2015, at the Roca2015PChouse Fashion Design Ceremony, Nippon was awarded the  Most Influential Paint Brand. 

Together with goods that cater to every pain point a client may have when building or renovating their dwellings, as well as accolades honouring their incredible performance throughout the years, Selleys is justifiably peaking, backed by over 80 years of excellence and customer happiness. The brand truly lives up to its slogan, “If it’s Sellys, it works.”

Selleys’ products include glues, fillers, construction adhesives, material for deep cleaning purposes, and sealants, all of which are of the highest quality and sold with the assurance of only the best results. Selleys Silicone S301 and S601 Silicone sealants are individually designed for a  certain surface. S301 is a general-purpose acid curing silicone sealant  that is excellent for many common surfaces. It is impermeable, permanently flexible, and efficient against mould and fungus.  S601 is neutral curing silicone sealant, more suitable for usage in places with high humidity levels and as a plumbing fixture. Because of its durability, the Wet Area Silicone Sealant is recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries. The roof and gutter silicone sealant is extremely flexible and weather and UV resistant. The business backs up the exceptional quality of these items with a 25-year warranty.

Waiting for a surface to dry is a thing of the past with Selleys. Selleys’ All Clear sealant may be used on practically every common surface, even whether it’s greasy, damp, or unclean,  and it’s the perfect remedy for water leaks around the house. Selleys Storm Sealant is the perfect waterproof barrier that won’t rot and can be applied both indoors and out. This sealer will promptly stop any leakage, even if applied in the blazing sun and pouring rain.

It’s almost as if the sun is determined to burn us a bit more every day. However, humans are not the only ones who are harmed, since surfaces absorb more heat than we may think.  Selleys Solarflex is a UV and other extreme weather protection system for houses and buildings. The product comes with a 10-year warranty of perfect performance in terms of flexibility, adhesion, and a variety of other aspects. Selleys No More Gaps is another must-have in every home, thanks to its outstanding weather, UV, and mould resistance, as well as protection against harsh external factors. Your property deserves the exquisite finish that this product can provide, and it will leave no stains on the construction materials.

Liquid Nails Instant Holds, a high-performance Sil-X Advanced Polymer Technology-driven adhesive that can instantly hold up to 400 kg/m2 on any building material, is a liquid simply redefining the articulate expertise of Selley’s productions. This outstanding product is also water and UV resistant, requiring no fasteners or clamps when associated with the majority of applications. To be used on a daily basis, Selleys Power Grip is an all-purpose glue,  manufactured for high versatility as well as durability, prepped and ready to deliver their A-game even in the most extreme conditions. 

Selleys RP7 is a multifunctional lubricant spray designed to fight corrosion and eliminate squeaks and creeks by displacing moisture and guarding against rust and metal corrosion.  The solution also cleans debris without harming rubber, most plastics, or paintwork. Selleys  Original Sugar Soap, on the other hand, is a professional-strength and high-performance product used to clean walls and ceilings before applying paint or wallpaper, and it has finally made its way to the island after receiving much love on global stages. Grease and filth have no influence on this product as it performs just as effectively under such conditions.

Without a doubt, Selleys has skillfully handled a varied selection of items with simple accessibility that meets practically all of a home owner’s pain spots, leaving little space for questions or second-guessing. The company intends to provide nothing but the best for its customers, bringing excellent quality products to the country and effortlessly washing away many of the woes of homeowners. Given the powerful testimonials, award after award that they have received, and an abundance of pleased customers who can’t get enough of these helpful items that actually put behind some of the most worrisome and typical concerns experienced by all house owners, Selleys is very much appreciated and depended on all over the world.