In a world of constant innovation powering the gears of the business cycle, the target of maximum prolific optimisation becomes a supportive twin to the mindful concepts of innovative merchandise. The effectiveness of The Lean Six Sigma Company Asia comes to play a vital role in this notion of industrial optimisation, where industry leaders Dayan Hengedara and Pradeesh Wanniarachchi prioritise customer-centric concepts.

Dayan, the Chief Executive Officer of The Lean Six Sigma Company Asia, along with the Managing Partner, Pradeesh are fueled with their own individualistically novel reasoning. The dynamic partnership that started fifteen years back, on a routine basis of belief in analytics and its productive capacity, went on to conduct training and certification for Lean Six Sigma as a partner company to The Lean Six Sigma Company Group Netherlands.

The concept of Lean was initially developed in the mid-20th century in Toyota manufacturing in Japan, and Six Sigma concept went on to be developed in the USA by Motorola in 1986 and eventually reached the stage where it is today that shelters the idea of maximising profits through operational cost- reduction and improving turnover. First, Lean focuses on identifying and eliminating process inefficiencies (waste) to reduce operational costs. In contrast, Six Sigma ensures that solving product & service related issues by reducing process variation will eventually support organisations to improve product and service quality to improve customer satisfaction and profits to the organization.

The franchise partner “The Lean Six Sigma Company-Asia,” founded by Dayan and Pradeesh, affiliated with Europe’s leading Lean Six Sigma provider “The Lean Six Sigma Company Group Netherlands,” was established in 2019 to introduce, implement, and execute this innovative concept across various sectors of businesses in Asia. Believing in a “CUSTOMER CENTRIC” experience that confirms comprehensive client gratification, the highest classification standard is ensured by meeting ISO 18404 & ISO 13053 requirements. Furthermore, A family of over 27,000 professionals trained in over 4000 businesses globally verifies the solidity of efficacy embodied by the company.

The company that joined in link to “The Lean Six Sigma Company Group Netherlands”, which mainly operated in Europe, the US and Canada regions, was introduced to the Asian areas expanding its attainments over twenty-five countries worldwide. Currently, The Lean Six Sigma Company Asia operates in Sri Lanka and other leading Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The company’s fruition was initially modelled based on over sixteen years of industry experience of Dayan holding many senior management positions in MAS holdings. Dayan’s drive to form a customer-oriented training organisation that continuously raises the bar of practical customer experience while directly and fruitfully meeting their expectations acts like the organisation’s steel wall built on the foundation of his expertise in Logistics and supply chain. Furthermore, his aspiration to stand unique, causing competition to follow while he focuses on observing and fulfilling customer needs, testifies to the notable success of the enterprise. Finally, a strong belief held with perseverance to solve organisational complications through continuous process improvement with supportive development strategies beams the mindset of Dayan that in return strongly insulates the organisation from any obstacle. 

With avid expertise in statistics, Pradeesh created a solid support system to hold the organisation and magnified the expertise that surrounded the organisation. With over fifteen years of industry experience in leading organisations that represented multiple services and manufacturing sectors, Pradeesh,  is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. His previous involvement in leading business establishments of Sri Lanka such as Jetwing, Brandix, AkzoNobel Paints and Associated Motorways acts as pillars of value that added solidity to the institution. Pradeesh’s strong belief in using analytics to solve problems compliments the concept of Six Sigma that focuses on earning profits and the long-term sustainability of an organisation.

The establishments stand with solidified balance on the grip of this dynamic duo, adapting to every innovation brought forth by unexpected changes and challenges. The effects of the pandemic are likely tackled with the strong philosophy of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” that Pradeesh swears by. While taking the challenges that one of the most arduous periods in history is offering and making them into opportunities to prosper instead, The Lean Six Sigma Company has devised alternative methods for training that previously required a physical classroom environment. The shift to virtual classroom format is made into a genuinely stimulating classroom experience through specially developed simulation tools and other advanced teaching techniques. The crucial innovation ensured the utilisation of the attention of the trainees in the most effective manner.

A perfect combination of success is achieved when the alchemy of innovation, implementation, and tenacity is balanced with the unique individual dynamic. Dayan and Pradeesh propitiously personify this concept as they continue to use these challenging times to invest in themselves and acquire further knowledge that leads to the generation of innovative ideas and experiments, which is the known secret to long-lasting success.