Structuring the Next Generation Substratum – Chief Executive Officer of GENXT Sri Lanka, Rajeev Gooneratne

Creational factors of technology supported by generational progress have paved the way to modern society, where the concept of ever-changing technology has become a constant. In this existence, GENXT Sri Lanka, powered by its Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Gooneratne, has established its mark locally and globally. He stands on par with the top of the trade, thrives with new challenges and perseveres with ambitions.

Rajeev’s initial unorthodox approaches made him reluctant to pursue his higher studies instead of moving him on a path to focus on direct career development. However, his rooted influence from his elder brothers to earn wealth and thrive for betterment inspired him to seek a career path and learn from practicality rather than being boxed in an unauthentic educational environment. As a result, the journey of his ultimate level of expertise as an all-around marketer and a leader started in 1991 as an account executive in George Steuart’s, a leading company of Sri Lanka that later exposed him onto the path of sales, a skill he later resulted in excelling and transcending beyond expectation.

As a company representing technology, GENXT Sri Lanka occupies Rajeev as a leader of solidity and perseverance, who constantly tries to exceed targets beyond and above. His constant attitude to seek new challenges and his trust in a solid support system opened him to a career path of sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical sector. What started as a choice to change the career path from accounting to sales under a recommendation of a trusted friend then led on to form an accumulated treasure of fifteen years of experience in sales under pharmaceuticals working with leading companies like Hemas and having affiliations with various multinational organizations.

Rajeev’s endless escapade on the path of sales in due course paved the way to meet his mentor, Ashok Pathirage, who stood as a lighthouse on his voyage of conquering the depths of the technological industry also inspired to reinforce characteristics of leadership in him. His meeting with Ashok in early 2006 eventually led him onto his career element, which he outstandingly excelled at in the world of mobile device distribution.

The inceptive opportunity given to be a leading sales manager for the brand of Nokia sprang off to a new level of elevation through his guidance and supervision. The brand, at the time, with total sales of around twelve thousand units per month, was elevated rapidly to forty thousand units ending up at 100,000 units per month a record at that time for a single brand with the approach of retailing pioneered under the conduct of Rajeev, adding a pristine standard on the width of distribution utilized by the industry. Consecutively, this earned two prestigious awards From Nokia as the best distributor and the best logistic planner in southeast Asia in 2007 for the company that powered the gears of Rajeev’s career development, ultimately leading him onto the position of Director of Sales.

 In a world of overwhelmingly addictive comfort zones, Rajeev always strives to upgrade his standard, seeking fresh challenges beyond affluence and availing oneself with a “Proactive Approach” when dealing with difficult circumstances. This frame of mind fuels innovative approaches that, in an industry of constant upgrade, measure up to be of a gold standard. The establishment of GENXT in July 2017 comes to Sri Lanka under this type of affluent mindset. The encounter between Kailash and Rajeev fabricated a futuristic vision that would eventually be based in Sri Lanka based on a rigid visionary inspiration to introduce a next-generation worth lifestyle. Kailash Gupta, the Managing Director of GENXT Singapore, has a strong financial background and a plethora of experience handling and selling multinational brands like Samsung and Nokia. GENXT distributes Apple in seven additional countries, and his experience was instrumental in the company’s establishment in Sri Lanka. The launch of the SL GENXT private limited company, subordinate to GENXT Singapore, paved the way to a genuinely futuristic establishment that went on to be not only a leading distributor of the country. It is a provider for more countries such as Myanmar, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives, representing leading technology brands worldwide. GENXT’s unwavering vision is to make a positive impact on the lives of all Sri Lankans through its products and services.

The company reached its root of excellence in 2018 as they initially were authorized to be one of the distributors for the APPLE brand in Sri Lanka along with an officially authorized service establishment for the brand as well which employs Apple trained Service technicians. The growth branched out with the brand VIVO grafting in, which led the company to aim for further distinction. With sustainability abiding performance such as introducing the Apple Authorized Reseller programme to open channel retailers where customers can experience Apple devices, also working closely with all partners and introducing special offers/affordability schemes through the distribution channel for apple launches. Constant Retail partner training in capabilities of marketing and expansion of sales coming onto a clear vision, the company took its pedestal as the only authorized apple distributor in Sri Lanka in 2020, along with a newly launched Apple Authorized Reseller store. The theoretical perspective of striving to be the top lead supported by the intense light of leadership, projected by Rajeev, inspired the company to reach the sky. The constant nurturing led the company to fit on to a standard of occupying one of the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brands, XIAOMI in 2018. The company, a budding plant of four years of growth, shaded giants of the industry of smartphone technology.

The path to excellence is never a smooth one, and chancy challenges are an inevitable factor. However, proving assurance as a newbie to represent the highest quality of substance in the industry comes as an excellent achievement with critical challenges. For Rajeev, as a pioneer leading his team to an objective of success, the burden of responsibility to assure, sustain and deliver them to the ultimate target weighed heavy on his shoulders. This weight made him a herculean foundation to the perfect blend of teamwork the company stands to shine on, and it is this teamwork that Rajeev believes sets them apart from the parallel competition. The well-experienced head office team in Singapore is also a huge part of GENXT Sri Lanka’s Success story and often comes up with innovative solutions to day-to-day operational problems.

The exceptional standard projected by the company stands upon the strong pillars of hard work, dedication, effective planning and anti-groups. The company stands tall on these pillars looking upon a mission to “diversify and expand their presence” while maintaining the quality of clientele present at the moment and surviving the hard times of the pandemic levelling on the bond of efficient, flexible and fluid teamwork. Their biggest challenge of tackling illegal parallel imports to the market is deciphered by striking back firmly with unmatched quality assurance, constant maintenance, and loyalty to absolute customer satisfaction. The GENXT Apple Authorized Service centre continued to serve customers throughout the last lockdown by introducing a device drop-off system.

GENXT prioritizes sustainability, and staff are urged to use less paper and progress toward digitization in the workplace, with the goal of making at least 75 per cent of client transactions paperless in the near future. In addition, GENXT hopes to speak with relevant authorities on how they might help reduce e-waste. Rajeev has always given his staff the freedom to make their own judgments and accept responsibility for their actions and have also introduced programmes to develop leadership skills such as toastmasters and mini-project management. He is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and this is certainly in the management of GENXT Sri Lanka, where the majority of people began their careers with Rajeev and now hold responsible roles, as the firm has a defined succession plan in place.

Rajeev looks on to a new dawn upon the horizon with his support system as the continuation of introducing innovation under their affluent line of brands remains an everlasting vision. His belief in assuring quality and providing the best of the world to Sri Lankans remains strong intact as he hopes to launch the industry’s newest innovations in a pioneering and futuristic manner on the button. Embodying the concept of working hard and playing hard while paving an unorthodox way of achieving sustainable success, Rajeev Gooneratne stands on pioneering steps of a leading element of futuristic Lanka while attaining to be the best out of the best.

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