The dedication to remaining true to your roots and ability to improve yourself onto a new level of standard has been a proven formula for success. Laying his foundation on this formula, Lakshitha Chandradasa, Chief Executive Officer of Hybrid Kitchen follows to build his supremacy on the pillars of perseverance, dedication, and hard work.

Reigning from a business family relating to commercial interior and construction solutions, his passion deems to come naturally for specializing in interior structuring and planning, what is known to be the heart of homes. With his initial education in Information Technology, he proceeded to specialize in Mechanical engineering design, balancing his natural talent on innovative creativity and unquenched thirst for technology to create an unshaken pillar of knowledge he owns with pride.  

His belief in targeting productivity to give a new level of meaning to the field of interior solutions and design has made him focus on the niche of kitchens directly aligning with the philosophy of specialization. Practice indeed makes perfect, and Lakshitha remains to thrive on that mindset while influencing individuals around him to follow in the footsteps of flourishing professionalism.

Lakshitha’s philosophy on micro focusing has led the Hybrid Kitchen to implement a smooth flow in the enterprise that as a result had made sure to associate long-term viability to the brand name and its products. His dedication as a leader led to upgrading the business process to incorporate a systematic approach along with digital influence.

Lakshitha has continued to deeply understand the needs of the local labour force and is steadfast in building a network of dedicated professionals to ensure that the brand of Hybrid Kitchen proclaims an exceptional standard of quality among its clientele. Every problem at hand is assured to be approached systematically with a professional demeanour along with a strong base of group work to support the ultimate resolution. The complete process from customer-vendor interaction to finalizing the finished structure, Hybrid Kitchen upholds a promise of trust and masterfulness that sets them apart from any other.

Their secret lies in the core concept of maintaining a dedication to a focal point. That is to say, their only focus remains on bringing formulated, structural and design integrity to household kitchens. Their devoted focus upon their chosen niche is the distinguishing feature that makes them excel in a highly competitive industry. Hybrid Kitchen’s brand image is solely based on creating specialized and optimized, durable well-furnished kitchens that fit the customer expectations unquestionably. Hybrid Kitchen follows a strict policy of having no diversions, in their focus to opt to a level of excellence on becoming the number one expert when it comes to planning, structuring, and designing kitchens.

Under the guiding light held by Lakshitha, Hybrid Kitchen upholds its diligence to assure maximum durability and extraordinary functional standard of quality to their customers. Along with their zeal to maintain these qualities, customer services and after-sales services are equally elevated and maintained on to the standard of advanced consistency delivered by their company. These factors stand as the pillars for the brand, sustained with care, to clear a direct path to ultimate success.

Lakshitha diligently endorses the touch of individual expertise in any case of consultancy their customers require, to create the most optimum kitchen suiting to their needs. Hybrid Kitchen takes pride in having this expertise and makes it their priority to negotiate and add their excellence when making the vision of their customer a reality. The touch of the company’s aptitude added at every stage of the process will guarantee out-of-the-way results every time for their clients. Hybrid Kitchen based on this philosophy of personal touch, establishes itself as a brand that runs beyond the string works of a salesperson. The proper counsel of their leader and diligence as a company has made sure to mark them as a brand that brings long-lasting solutions that commit to delivering the best to fulfill customer needs doubtlessly.

In a fast-pacing competitive world, it is important for any individual to constantly be reminded to be gentle with oneself as they endeavour to do their best. Lakshitha takes his inspiration from this conviction as he powers himself as well as the company through the tough challenges new times bring. Surviving, powering, and thriving through the pandemic, the company has completely turned around the difficult circumstances into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach its vision of success. The smart collaboration between the digital world and their enterprise has ensured customer delivery to a new level of expectations. Lakshitha’s envision to lead the brand to be a household name, that people who seek quality and durability resort to with no effort, is led on to a point of existing reality as they continue to overcome challenges and learn from their mistakes. The perseverance, dedication, and hard work of his leadership will continue to influence as Hybrid Kitchen reaches an epitome of success marking their individuality as a niche in the vast field of planning, designing, structuring, and constructing household elements.