Stringing Legacies of Opulence – CEO / Founder of Pearl Studio, Sohail Shakil

Sohail Shakil, the CEO and founder of Pearl Studio, has set revolutionary standards in the distinctive jewelry wear sector, and at the age of 27, he has benchmarked his current ways in the industry. Sohail has defined his position as being daring, active, enthusiastic, and innovative, owing to his valuable experience to the jewellery industry from the beginning of his career.

Sohail began his career working at a jewellery company, which left an imprint on him and paved the way for him to grow into a determined professional who aimed to develop a world-class jewellery studio. He established Pearl Studio in the goal of bringing a gleam of specialization to the local jewelry industry. Sohail, a man with a strategy, has managed to develop a niche in the local business for rare pearl collections with one-of-a-kind jewelry designs that make a bold statement.

Combining modern elegance with the legacy of authentic Sri Lankan culture, Pearl Studio was founded to preserve and modernize the unique appreciation of pearl jewellery. As a man who places a deep interest in the art of jewellery design and product development, Sohail has established Pearl Studio to be the first and original company in Sri Lanka that caters high-end pearls from Japan, as they are in partnership with a Japanese company named Pearl Exporting Co, based in Kobe, Japan.

Apart from being the pioneering world-class pearl jewellery provider in Sri Lanka, the company stands to differentiate itself from the competition through the all-inclusive back-end services it provides for international jewellery companies.

“As a company we provide back-end services to international jewellery companies, such as jewellery designing, concept development, product developments, technical drawings, computer-related drawings, and handling their websites and digital media. We are also the only jewellery company in Sri Lanka that caters to high-end original pearls from Japan and have an in-house studio where customers can come and design their own jewellery while an experienced designer guides the clients.”

Pearl Studio prides itself on providing their customers with all-inclusive facilities to actively participate in the design process, in addition to providing unique and exclusive design services. This enables complete personalization, which revenues the full value and ensures returns that go above and beyond the cost the client bears. Creating pieces to last a lifetime, Pearl Studio ensures to provide clients with the best materials and guaranteed outcomes, exceeding expectations.

Pearl Studio sells opulent, rare pearls like Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea, Keshi, and Baroque. Their collections feature innovative designs combined with the perfect balance of rare and authentic pearls, resulting in truly stunning pieces. Collections are divided into Classics, Exclusives, Geometrics, Gemstones, and Engagement rings, providing clients with a variety of pieces to suit their every need. The company ensures, every purchase at Pearl Studio is made in accordance with accepted industry standards and utilizes authentic pearls of exceptional quality imported from Japan. Furthermore, the pieces are guaranteed to come with complimentary stringing services for one year from the date of purchase.

With his solid 10-year experience fueling and ensuring the smooth run of business, Sohail takes charge of looking into every aspect, ensuring the quality and integrity of their products and business process remain intact. Prioritizing and balancing the business along with his family and faith, Sohail provides his leadership with excellently cultivated success habits, ensuring that no distractions in business will compromise the brilliance of their products. Discipline and balance, he claims, are important aspects of his lifestyle that fuel his success habits as a true leader.

“Amongst the few successful habits, I have maintained is having a disciplined lifestyle, which includes having a day planner to organize my day and clean meals as much as possible, training at the gym regularly, and giving myself time for self-development. I also believe it is important to be surrounded by friends who are above you and have a mentor to guide you.”

Sohail recognizes that simple elegance and persistence can create legacies, which Pearl Studio offers in the form of products. Materializing abstract eloquence is a complex job that Pearl Studio has approached very strategically. Pearl Studio thrives at creating timeless pieces that exemplify everlasting opulence and resilient endurance, two traits that ensure hundred percent customer satisfaction. Examining the Pearl Studio collection, it is clear that innovation, originality, and integrity in perfect balance can result in the creation of unique pieces that characterize elegance.

From simple trinkets to the most exclusive pieces, Pearl Studio caters to adding something special to each piece, giving it its own identity and allowing it to resonate with their clients’ unique individuality. “Consistency is key, and faith is king” says Sohail. In keeping with this philosophy, Pearl Studio is expected to soar to new heights, consistently ensuring the high quality of its products and fervently hoping to expand their dependable presence while increasing client trust.

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