Constructing his career upon the foundation of exceptional customer care, Samantha Ratnayake, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Rovel Lanka (PVT) Ltd, has continued to strive as he conquers the many challenges put in front of him. Coming from humble beginnings in his home town of Nuwara Eliya. Samantha has now created a reigning network providing the best electronics and industrial equipment around the country along with exceptional integration of customer service.

The encouragement and persistence of Samantha stand on high grounds as he narrates the journey from the beginning, where he was faced with many unexpected hurdles. With the passing away of his mother and the shattered dream of becoming an engineer, Samantha came to Colombo with new courage and hope for a fresh beginning. He continued to work in many leading firms, including Singer, The Finance, Abans, A-Z Electronics Singhagiri and Daya Group, following his interest in electronics sales and customer service. Spanning from a grassroots level employee to the elite hierarchy of the mentioned companies, Samantha contributed his expertise as he grew simultaneously as a true professional with a diverse portfolio of skills.

Samantha’s true passion lay in the service of others; thus, he developed a keen interest in always providing his customers with the best and most convenient solutions, despite the circumstances. It is this quality that led Samantha to stumble on the path of entrepreneurship. With a passion for service and a network of expertise, Samantha directed his determination and ambition onto a new path of light with the establishment of AUX brands in Sri Lanka, 2013. Inaugurating himself to be the first and only importer of AUX electronics from China at the time, Samantha kickstarted his journey with genuine concern for his customers. He also won the award for Sri Lankan Entrepreneur – National Bronze in 2017, and the Provincial Silver Award for the Medium Category in Western Province awarded by the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL).

“With the new economy, it is not that hard for anyone to import products. The world is a global village. But we cannot import exceptional services. That is what we strive to establish in Rovel. A place where customers are guaranteed exceptional service without a doubt.

His customer-centric approach truly marks him as distinguished and sets him far apart from his competition. And following the best intentions of serving the customer in full potential, Samantha went on to establish Rovel, which currently services an array of leading institutes of the SL government, Fonterra, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Dinemore, Green cabin, DSI, Ranmal Holiday Resort and many other eminent clients all around the island. With a well thought out plan, Rovel approached customer services under the guiding light of Samantha, as they initiated a full digitalized network dedicated to customer follow-ups and customer management. With a 30-fully trained employee team dedicated solely to attending to each one of their customers with the utmost supervision and care, Samantha’s key approach has evidently set him apart from the rest.

Rovel is strengthened with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of professionals in the fields of consumer electronics and industrial refrigeration, which handles chest freezers, bottle coolers, air conditioners, and all other home appliances. They provide 24-hour, seven-day after-sales site services to all their customers. In addition, the established promise to provide one-on-one money back or product replacement within the first 3 months of purchase remains as an elite guarantee of trust between Rovel and its customers.

“I always believe our customers are “partners” in our business. Our team of experts has identified “Customer Care” and the company’s “After Sales Service” as the main keys to the business, and I strongly believe in having the best standards of reliable, quality products which will be affordable to our customers. It is important to ensure a 100% quality product to our valued customers before putting emphasis on after-sale services. “

While describing the company’s main intention, Samantha looks forward to the future of the company in creating an assembling line in Sri Lanka that can connect many industries of manufacturing and production with their organization. The new and developed brand Penguin under Rovel Lanka is about to see the light of day, considering the brand’s extensive experience related to the country and region. With the hopeful support of the government, Samantha’s new ambitions are directed towards establishing an all-encompassing electronics empire that offers their elite clientele a range of diverse electronic products in both residential and commercial sectors, while creating a network of integrated manufacturers and producers who will ensure they deliver the best while Rovel maintains its brand trust.

Pursuing the hopeful and fresh growth avenues of the industry, Samantha continues to steer Rovel on the path of success, where the bumps caused by the challenging pandemic are dealt with care and precision. Overcoming the situational crisis of the decade, Rovel remains to be a giant in the industry, catering to the care of its customers, while Samantha continues to uphold the value of services and trust within his organization that focuses on supplying ultimate comfort to their clients.