Making a mark in the world of education, EDUS Online school and Institute founder, Sugeevan VSG has made his mark in the niche of online education platforms as a pioneering personality with his idea of embracing learning with actual passion. Following their slogan “Learning made lovable”, Sugeevan has carefully crafted a system where the community of Sri Lanka can engage in an interactive learning experience.

With only one and a half years of since its inauguration, has become well-known as one of the greatest online education platforms, receiving accolades from around the country as well as abroad. As the institute employs the greatest specialists in the business, receiving recognition from the numerous students ranging from Grade 1 to Advanced Level is natural. Sugeevan has commenced on constructing edutainment, or education with entertainment, as a concept within this sector by creating a Tamil-English and Sinhala language platform offering a diverse selection of courses and subjects.

“EDUS is a one-of-a-kind educational platform for students who identify Tamil as their native tongue. We provide students in the Tamil community with a particular platform where they may locate any class that meets their educational needs, both in Tamil, Sinhala and English.”

Adding to the already impressive range of subjects, EDUS offers professional courses such as IELTS, Secretarial Administration Courses as they make it their goal to grow further as the leading online institute in the community. Aside from those professional courses, EDUS also offers government-approved courses in English, Sinhala, and Information Technology, which are curated by the institute’s in-house experts. EDUS institute hopes to further their mission by adding courses regarding Yoga, Speech Therapy and traditional Tamil in affiliation with the Tamil Research Institute of India. Maintaining its standards at all times, EDUS ensures that only the best educators are hired in order to provide an all-around learning experience for its students. A certified institute registered under government policies, EDUS always powers its systematic approach to learning with the end goal of making it understandable and admirable to its students.

“Our top aim is to gain our pupils’ trust. Our objective is to be the No. 1 education platform in the Tamil community, and we intend to do this by offering education in an exciting and rewarding manner.”

Beyond the systematic constraints of the educational business, EDUS represents a larger purpose in which the essence of education is not lost. EDUS has established free of charge classes to well-deserving students who aspire to achieve something beyond their limitations, thanks to the donation and contribution of the community both locally and internationally. EDUS is also designed to be accessible and available at all times. Everything, from the, the official website to the soon-to-be-released EDUS mobile app, is meant to make it as easy as possible for students to study from anywhere. Specially establishing a mobile app where students can interact and learn with many exciting features. EDUS has opted to invest its future in the new era of digitization, where a vast number of people may participate in learning, overcoming the restrictions of physical classes, as EDUS proclaims to remain exclusively an online-only educational platform.

With a clear vision EDUS always strives to serve better with Sugeevan having a team that dedicates themselves to regular follow-ups of their students, evaluating their progress. With a proper systemized structure in place from teacher to student, Sugeevan always updates the system with the thought of allowing EDUS students to achieve their deserved success in their educational journey.

“As our motto goes, ‘Learning Made Lovable’ we always try to make learning a process that students can truly enjoy.”

Having this in mind, Sugeevan looks forward to many exciting endeavors in the future that target achieving global exposure. Learning is pivotal for a student’s success in academics and life, and within the current digital age, education is deeply redefined. Contributing deeply to shaping the way students learn, EDUS looks forward to its bright future as an aspiring school and an institute of encouragement where the prominent Tamil community of Sri Lanka will be represented to embrace this change in education with trust.