Sri Lanka on Thursday held a second round of crucial talks with its bilateral creditors, state minister of finance Shehan Semasinghe said as the crisis-hit island nation attempts to get assurances of debt restructuring from them to close a deal with the IMF.

Sri Lanka held talks with the International Monetary Fund on October 16 on the release of a USD 2.9 billion rescue package by the Fund, the completion of which hinged on assurances from the country’s creditors on debt restructuring.

The first round was in Washington. We scheduled another meeting to ensure that all matters will be clarified, Semasinghe told a meeting of Inland Revenue officers here.

All bilateral creditors would be participating to review the progress of the debt restructuring talks, in addition to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the IMF, and financial and legal advisers, the minister said.

Financial assurances from our bilateral creditors would be important for us to obtain the approval of the IMF board of directors,” he said.

Details of the talks were not available.

Sri Lanka reached a staff-level agreement with the IMF in late August for a USD 2.9 billion rescue package over 4 years. Its completion depends on assurances from Sri Lanka’s creditors on debt restructuring.

Sri Lanka has large debt rollover volumes (Gross Financing Need) running up to 37 per cent of GDP in 2022, which the IMF wants to bring down, according to the EconomyNext news portal.

The exact GFN target is not known, but other countries under restructure have levels around 15 per cent, and some less, it said.