Prof. Aminda Methsila Perera, Head of the Department of Accountancy at Wayamaba University, has raised concerns about another possible economic crisis facing Sri Lanka in September this year.

Speaking further in this regard, Prof. Perera explained that a second phase of the crisis is likely, owing to the delay in the implementation of the conditions and agreements made with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Speaking at a press conference held by the People’s Collective for Economic Justice in Colombo, Prof. Perera revealed that while the government of Sri Lanka was required to fulfill at least 39% of the agreements made pertaining to Sri Lanka’s economic recovery, only 10% has been fulfilled.

Meanwhile, speaking on the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) earned by the Board of Investments (BOI), Acting Minister of Investment Promotion Dilum Amunugama has revealed that the target set by the BOI for FDIs for 2023 is USD 1.5 billion, of which USD 211 million was realized in the first quarter.

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