The Consul General of Sri Lanka in Shanghai Anura Fernando claims that although Sri Lanka is included in the pilot program of China partially lifting the ban on international group travel, Chinese tourists haven’t shown much interest in Sri Lanka, since most of them haven’t travelled out of the country in three years.

“So far, not much. We are expecting them to return soon. Their particular interest has been to other countries, which are closer to China, since most Chinese haven’t travelled for three years out of the country.” 

“So, they are taking a look at closer destinations. But I think Sri Lanka should be attractive to most Chinese travellers, because of Buddhism. Many Buddhist sites are located there. And there’s the tea that is grown there, as well as jewellery and beaches”, he said. 

Joining an interview on the CGTN television network in China, the Sri Lankan Consul General in Shanghai also highlighted that the Chinese are very familiar with the country, since the country has attracted large investments in Sri Lanka.