Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa says that he is confident that Sri Lanka can attract at least USD 15 billion in foreign direct investments (FDI), through the Port City.

His remarks came as he addressed the second day of Sri Lanka Investment Forum 2021 today (June 08). The three-day event organized by the Board of Investment (BOI) and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Colombo Stock Exchange is Asia’s first and largest virtual forum to attract foreign investments. The event is expected to provide an overall experience and comprehensive understanding of the FDI and Capital Market opportunities in Sri Lanka.

Inaugurating the proceedings of Day 02, PM Rajapaksa said: “We all accept that Sri Lanka’s growth should be accelerated. For that, capital investments should be expanded considerably. We also know that a high investment is needed for infrastructure development and improve production volume. For that, we hope the continue the government’s capital investment programs.”

The Premier also stated that the government hopes to shoulder a great duty in the process of increasing investments, adding that, “We are in the process of attracting a minimum of USD 15 billion in investment within the next 5 years via the new Port City.” The legal and east of doing business framework needed for that has already been established via a new Act, PM Rajapaksa added.

“We believe it will enable to mark a turning point in the country, even amidst COVID-19.” The government has already started to put a number of measures in place that would make Sri Lanka an attractive country for investors from all around the world, the prime minister noted, explaining that these measures are aimed at ensuring that both local and foreign investors will be able to establish profitable ventures without unnecessary barriers.

“In this background, we eagerly invite you to select Sri Lanka as your investment destination of choice.”

-Ada Derana