Sports and fitness products manufactured with Sri Lankan natural latex rubber get exposure in Jordan

In furtherance of the Embassy’s commercial engagements to obtain export orders to Jordan for Sri Lankan companies, Ambassador Shanika Dissanayake introduced the fitness products of Textrip (Pvt) Ltd and Elasto Group of Companies to a well known Jordanian fitness and wellness studio entrepreneur to secure a foothold for value added sports products made out of 100% Sri Lankan natural latex rubber.

The Zoom meeting on 1st October was organized and conducted by the Embassy and Manager for International sales of Textrip (Pvt) Ltd of Elasto Group Thakshila Gamage.  The Representative of Textrip who introduced the products via zoom showcased how a total mobile workout could be done in the safety of one’s home, navigating a post covid scenario without having to visit a physical gym. The products were very well received by the Jordanian side which expressed interest in using the fitness products and Resistance bands for their Pilates, Barre dance and Aqua fitness activities.

The Embassy will be conducting Zoom meetings with Sri Lankan exporters to support them to connect and build productive relationships with reputed Jordanian importers. On 30th September the Embassy also conducted a Virtual B to B meeting with a reputed Jordanian health and wellness Beverage company for Ranfers (Pvt) Ltd in order to introduce their organic branded range of Ceylon Ayurveda teas into the Jordanian market.

As part of the Embassy’s commercial and economic diplomacy initiatives, the Embassy will be conducting further virtual B to B meetings to give Market insights and to ensure and facilitate the entry of Sri Lankan products into the Jordanian market.

– Ada Derena

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