It is ubiquitous, indispensable and the largest asset on the books. Consequently, a fabled personality, Rajitha Jayasuriya, Director Sales & Marketing at Capital Heights, has been an outstanding personality in the Real Estate Industry in Sri Lanka. She began her career as an Assistant Sales Manager at Ceylinco Consolidated and with an impressive track record over the years, propelled herself to the zenith of the industry. 

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented humanitarian challenges. Many companies worldwide have risen to the occasion, acting swiftly to safeguard employees and migrate to a new way of working that even the most extreme business continuity plans hadn’t envisioned. “In this context, the financial industry has reached an all-time low, with Fixed Deposit interest rates hitting 4-5 per cent per annum. Regardless, the provision of attractive mortgage loans with interest rates as low as 7-9 per cent per year from all banks and financial institutions had encouraged buyers to invest in Sri Lankan real estate,” said Rajitha Jayasuriya. 

As the pandemic continues to impact several economies in the country, she adduces that the property market in Sri Lanka has begun to see an exodus of international investors and developers, resulting in more real estate opportunities for local buyers and developers. Nonetheless, the property market has already changed to a sellers’ market by virtue of rapid growth in demand versus a limited supply of high-quality units. In consonance with Rajitha, this scenario is predicted to improve by mid-2022 gradually. Despite of that, she went on to asseverate that the sellers’ market will last for a few years seeing that they are expected to see a substantial shift in trend, leading to increased demand from local buyers. 

One-time international developers will continue to leave the Sri Lankan property market over the coming years. She endured that the local developers who navigated the property market during the recent pandemic, driving projects to a closure, will acquire a more significant proportion of the Real Estate and the Construction market segment, causing the Sri Lankan economy to progress further, proving Visibility leads to Credibility and Profitability.

It is requisite for a company to identify its unique and unassailable competitive strengths. In consequence, Rajitha endorsed, “Access Group has been in business for over 30 years and has many accomplishments that we are proud of,” this distinguishes the Access Group in the Real Estate market of Sri Lanka. It is profoundly acknowledged that the Group consistently endeavours to lift the bar to attain greater heights, given the importance of brand character and employee loyalty. Access being a long-standing brand, the company is frequently regulated by societal culture and norms. 

As she denotes, the adage “location, location, location” is still king and continues to be the most important factor for profitability in real estate investing! As such, the location was the Unique Selling Point together with the Curvilinear Design for Capital Heights, annotating, “One has to prioritise the Interior Design and the layout as usable space, as it is the priority factor in apartment living together with attention to finer details and quality finishes”.

Digressing on Rajitha’s succession, she possesses a wide network of individuals from various spheres. She has been in the Real Estate profession for over two decades and she agrees, “I am extremely happy to claim that my Net-worth is my Network!”. Staying loyal to the industry takes a lot out of a person and we commend Rajitha for that. On a more sentimental note, she stated, “I am a people’s person, so I enjoy meeting different people from different walks of life, every day and the greatest joy is that I am not selling a house, but a home to a family; family is where life begins, and love never ends.”

The Real Estate profession necessitates dedication to the client at all times of the day, month and year. As Rajitha unfolds, her inception at Ceylinco Consolidated, i.e. Ceylinco Homes International, toiled as a training ground and supported in amplifying her strength. Advancing to learn the ins and outs of the Legal System and Sales & Marketing methods has helped her get to where she is in the present context. She possessed the patience and willingness to learn from the experts and gurus and she imparted the same principles and techniques to the next generation. The strategies remain to be the same, except that the digitalization of marketing trends has made the sector less tedious for servicing clients, allowing for a wider reach. Nonetheless, she claims that the requirement for human essence provides visibility and trust. Rajitha relishes every minute of her time at work with an undying passion for Real Estate. She has coached and trained copious young men and women to tailgate in her footsteps in the industry as she comprehends the same level of devotion and dedication in them, which brings her immense joy and satisfaction.

All in all, we are drawn to the stories of influential leaders in action. Their decisiveness invigorates us. The events that unfold from their bold moves, often culminating in successful outcomes, make, for gripping narratives. But, perhaps most important, we turn to accounts of their accomplishments for lessons that we can apply in our own careers. As such, is the origin story of  Rajitha Jayasuriya.

She ended her account with a conspicuous statement pertaining to the subject; “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away: Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world”.- by Franklin D. Roosevelt