Chairman of Sinopharm Group Liu Jingzhen has expressed his enthusiasm in setting up a vaccine refilling plant in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan embassy in Beijing said.

According to the embassy, Sri Lankan Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona, met with Mr. Liu and the Senior Management Group on September 7, 2021. He also handed over a personal letter from President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to the chairman appreciating the ‘uninterrupted supply of Sinopharm vaccines’ to Sri Lanka.

The chairman said that Sinopharm will continue to collaborate with Sri Lanka and supply vaccines. He was enthusiastic about setting up a vaccine refilling plant in Sri Lanka to take advantage of Sri Lanka’s favourable trade access in the region and beyond.

He said that the Sinopharm Vaccine is being used in over 100 countries and over 50 Heads of State and other high-ranking officials have been inoculated with the vaccine.

Further, he said that there are no recorded adverse effects to persons who have been inoculated with the Sinopharm vaccine. Ambassador Dr.Kohona conveyed his appreciation, on behalf of the President and the Sri Lankan people, to the Government of China for supplying vaccines.

-Daily Mirror