A brief description about yourself and career journey.

I currently hold the post of Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd, one of the leading insurers in the country. In my role as CEO, I draw on my two decades of experience in this industry to drive business transformation, contribute to long-term growth strategies and advise on policymaking and planning, while encouraging product innovation and channel diversification. With customer needs ever changing, it is my vision to make protection more attractive and accessible to a wider spectrum of people.

Tell us about the importance of consumer insights to the innovation process.

In our industry it is imperative that we have a deep understanding of the ever-changing needs, preferences and expectations of our customer. These insights enable us to tailor-make and innovate our products and service offering, thereby not only meeting their expectations but at times exceeding it, thus resulting in brand loyalty. 

Has Sri Lanka’s General Insurance sector game plan changed since the pandemic began?

I think the pandemic has changed everything. From the way we lead our lives to the way we do business. Lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, everything that we now refer to as the ‘new norm’ has contributed to three positive aspects in the General Insurance sector that we believe we will see more of in time to come. These are: 

 A need to be structured in terms of resilience – It is important for us and other insurers to find means to continue to deliver unimpeded service to our customers and partners at the same high standards they are used to.

Digitalization to simplify customer journeys – Use digitalization and introduce improved customer journeys, which will make it easier for them to do business with our partners, thereby resulting in customer delight and loyalty.

Flexible understanding of new ways of working and new work models – Empowering and investing in our employees to ensure that they can continue to be empathetic and productive whilst working in the current challenging environment.

What can you tell us about the recently launched initiative ‘Voice of Customer Program’?

In essence, it’s a simple but huge step in the right direction, which we believe will result in delivering our business goals of becoming an insurance provider of choice to the people of Sri Lanka. The programme helps us listen to our customers to further improve our products and services, thereby keeping the customer at the very center of our entire business, leading to greater satisfaction. It is an important tool through which we focus on our customer’s needs, understand the way they perceive our brand, and the expectations they may have for future product improvement. Our aim is to connect with our customers in a way that will help us design products and services that will cater to their every need, thereby providing them with a safe and secure future.