Amplifying the art of gemstone mining, Ramzi & Co. is an existing pioneer in the industry that mesmerizes customers and maintains a lapidary of brilliant standards. Ever since the discovery of the first gemstone back in 1975, A. M. Razik, an innate gemologist from Ratnapura and a true businessman, finessed his ways to embark on his journey in gem mining for generations to come. Progressing day by day, Razik rose to stellar altitudes paving the establishment of their first incorporation in 1933; Ramzi Gems. 

Reiterating and showcasing their standards and quality, Ramzi Gems was off to a momentous start by expanding over international water and inaugurating their first gem mine. By the year 2014, the business transformed and flourished grandiosely, establishing their first company, Ramzi & Co. in Melbourne, Australia. The company is now transcending among the hands of the youthful generation of the Razik family. The amorous kinship towards gems and jewels is shared among Ramzi Razik, Inshira Ramzi, and Ifthika Razik, taking over the helm of gem excellence. 

Ramzi Razik, the Founder and the Managing Director of Ramzi & Co. has excelled as a gem trader for over 25 years. Working seamlessly towards securing the priceless stones, Ramzi and his team were able to enlighten the value and worth of the Ceylonese Sapphire. Revolutionizing traditional stones and jewelry to fit into the modern surging demand has been of the utmost importance to the company, in turn promoting longevity and elevated elegance. 

Inshira Ramzi, the Director of the company, contributes to uplifting the shopper’s attitude towards Gemstones by enthusiastically maintaining a refreshing yet life transitioning bond with Ramzi & Co. Being meticulous about the luxuries and charm in their products, Inshira consults design to both international and local clients.“Each stone has its own story. Longevity, exclusivity, and a lifetime of memories are yours to secure”, she describes the ethically sourced diamonds of Ramzi & Co.  

Contributing to the company’s Directorial board, Ifthika Razik pays close attention to the Melbourne online store. Catering to international demands, Ifthika bridges them to find their humbly intricate pieces, making them personal to the buyers. Her strong leadership skills helped redefine virtual shopping for overseas clients.        

Luxurious jewels of a diverse variety are showcased in all Ramzi & Co. outlets. Their diamonds, handpicked by Ramzi himself, stand glamorously among the other stones. Other pieces set a statement redefining elegance by the talent and design put forward by the integral team of the company. The ornaments are suited for multiple purposes like bridal ceremonies, traditional occasions, cultural – festivals, and simple – affordable everyday wear, making Ramzi & Co. a holistic supplier of sparkling enchantment. “Each piece of jewelry tells a story of its own” Ramzi states. Furthermore, the company also gratifies the regal and reigning demands of higher classed individuals with customized designs of fine brilliance.  

Ramzi & Co. continue to endure their legacy in timeless artistry by maintaining impeccable quality and standards over their jewelry. Having been expanding their footprints for about 40 years, Ramzi & Co. provides their customers a lifetime of trust and guarantee on their stones and creativity. World-class, authentic designs of intricate hard work are offered at a larger spectrum of choices for jewelry lovers. Interested clients of Ramzi & Co are also provided the exceptional opportunity to “tour the facility” and experience the refreshing process from mine to store. Customers are privileged to ponder on intimate memories and connections to their pieces, leaving them within families and traditions for generations to come. 

“The choice of a piece of Ramzi & Co. jewelry is never meaningless! There is something for everyone in our range”