Accelerating its continuous growth and expanding its horizons, Häcker kitchen unearthed a dazzling collection of kitchens that follow the product lines of Classic and Systemat, which is presented by the lead of Finco trading, a subsidiary of FINCO Holdings, is the exclusive partner in Sri Lanka and the Maldives for Häcker kitchen GmbH & Co KG, a family-owned German business that excels in innovation and engineering in modern  & trendy fitted kitchens. Its perfected finish and the touch of elegance and sophistication, and modern style make the collection a refreshing masterpiece made for their loyal customer base on the lookout for world-class culinary experiences. However, this is just the beginning of a revolutionary era of elegant Kitchener led by the mighty hands of the Häcker team as they are welcoming the new 2022 Häcker novelties soon. 

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The extensive client base in Sri Lanka is yet another indication that Häcker Kitchen not only dominates the market but is also well-known for its outstanding customer service, providing international standard items of unquestionable reliability. Häcker, in collaboration with its quality brands PURemission and Puresist, is emphasizing the importance of customer health and well-being. Finco Trade expanded its portfolio by partnering with Bosch Home Appliances to provide the room and mentality to study and contemplate anything that resonates with your desire, from a wall oven to culinary technology. An in house haven of all that is necessary to make an innovative, latest, and quality kitchen right from the entrance point. Bosch Home Appliances is committed to offering clever, dependable, and attractive products that make modern living a little smoother, never obtrusive. The custom-developed freight backbone allows the team to cater to the customer’s wishes seamlessly and flexibly, backed by constantly improved culinary production with state-of-the-art equipment. 

In Sri Lanka, De Dietrich’s new Fascination Kitchen Appliance line includes ovens driven by the French art of dwelling and nurtured by over three centuries of making attractive, modern, and functional kitchenware. The team takes special pride in their new built-in 60 cm oven, Omega grill heating, 73l cavity volume, and six shelf levels, and intelligent pre-programmed cooking options. The latest form of De Dietrich is 50 pre-programmed recipes, making cooking as fun and lightweight as it can be. The must-have wine chillers that accompany their bundle of perfection are included because no dinner is perfect without an exquisite dash of wine—wines for ages in conditions comparable to those discovered in a classic wine cellar. For wine storage and maturity, Brandt designed wine chambers with perfect temperature control. These wine storage solutions keep your wine in excellent condition until it is time to help yourself. Brandt wine cooler is yet another unique piece of timely perfection that is an essential part of turning a house into a home. 

If there is anything worse than being homesick, it is being stuck at home more than one originally bargained for. However, the Häcker kitchen team and its priceless and irreplaceable partners of talent are well equipped with all that is needed to perfectly blend homes with touches and twists to make the feeling just a little refreshing, young and beaming all over again.