Saturating one’s culinary dreams and advancing among enriched sophistications, Safraz Careem, the Chief Operating Officer of Häcker Kitchen, Sri Lanka, enumerates his path to eminence. Embarking on his journey as a Royalist, Safraz is now an MBA holder from Australia. 

Safraz initiated his career at MAS apparel as a merchandiser, gaining vitality in managing global clientele whilst building relationships. He demonstrated a deeper interest in delving into supply chain management. Eventually, progressing into Head of Sales in the globally renowned oil and gas company, Shell Inc., Safraz advanced for over 9 years, mastering skills within a wide spectrum from leadership capabilities to personal development. “We were mentored to understand how to manage a company ethically, sustainably and profitably”, he added when highlighting the perks of his career at Shell both locally and globally. 

Mounting from precipice to precipice, Safraz was a part of the inaugural team of, alias, whilst in the capacity of a COO. “The team grew from a group of young entrepreneurs to a small group of focused professionals, who created one of the first and leading E-Commerce companies in the Country”, he added, glorifying his prominent hard work and professionalism. 

Safraz believes that his imbuing journey through peaks and valleys got him to be the Director- Sales and Marketing at Alpha Industries, subsequently manoeuvring his career to Director & COO of Alpha Industries & Finco Trading business. The Finco Trading business “manages flagship brands like Häcker Kitchen, Bosche, Kohler & De-Dietrich home appliances to name a few of the globally recognized brands”. He further emphasizes the band of prominence that is reawakened by Häcker Kitchen. “They keep up with evolving trends and stay relevant. They have a great set of people managing the business” he adds as support for helping their brand grow in Sri Lanka.

Instilling a strong standard among Sri Lankan customers, Safraz hopes to provide a panoramic Häcker service in cultivating premium kitchen designs in the market.“Häcker is the second-largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Germany”, he shares when accentuating on the sublime experience and the advanced technology portrayed through Häcker as an esteemed brand. “Häcker kitchens are marked by their high practical value, durability, unique designs & individualised solutions to suit all tastes.”, Safraz claims when discussing the future of Häcker in widening their portfolio to capture the comprehensive market. “We hope to introduce an innovative tier of kitchen designs and also interest upcoming apartment constructors & interior designers”. However, Safraz desires to leave behind a little enigma for his readers to enlighten them with a fabulous array of showpieces in the future. 

In Häcker, their employees are considered to be their prodigious assets. Their aptitude and dedication have ensured positivity amidst a global pandemic, catering to their customers’ needs with safety and care. “We have invested in a team of an efficient skilled sales team, comprising leading interior designers and around the clock sales & delivery teams who look into all our customer requirements”, says Safraz. Häcker has taken its services through the pathways of digitalization, implementing virtual tours, providing its customers a holistic perspective of the kitchen! 

“We create shared value across everything we do. It’s about being able to identify, evolve while adapting to stay relevant.” 

Safraz desires to hone its services by embracing the transition of global conglomerates to local markets to function on par with the quality and proficiency of the international industry. Prioritizing their customer’s vehement demands, Häcker endures to keep up with the latest designs and procedures, when emerging to bond ties with the global partners. “We have entered into global partnerships with leading brands to bring the best to our customers, keeping up to the latest trends, techniques & equipment.”

Safraz believes the need to satisfy the demands contributes to the mere accomplishment of Häcker Kitchens. Visitors strolling through Häcker’s latest exhibition, will not only experience an incredible variety of kitchens, but also witness the great dedication and passion for environmental protection and sustainability. According to Safraz, catering to the demands of the locals is more sagacious, amidst the benefits contributed by the international brands. Safraz concludes by eulogizing, “The most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes and ears open and to be flexible and ready to accept change”.