Paving his own path to the destination of success, Cosmetic Physician Dr Prem Luckshman has created a unique brand for himself in Sri Lanka in the niche of cosmetic health and beauty. Prem has a neutrally productive attitude to work and life that ensures successful outcomes by creating an inviting atmosphere within his office where his clients may approach the notion of aesthetic medicine and profit from it.

“What makes me successful is that I am a lazy person. Instead of doing things the hard way, I do them the smart way so that I save my time and energy, but, in the end, I also end up doing the job perfectly.”

Prem seeks a productive, well-rounded wise strategy that will get the job done with skill and efficiency, rather than focusing just on the notion of monotonous labour.  He claims to be an ever-progressing keen learner who is always on the lookout to expand his knowledge on the most up-to-date methods in medicine, with a solidly embedded education from Manipal University, where he achieved his M.B.B.S. He has also completed a diploma and fellowship in aesthetic medicine, on his way towards excelling in his career. His motives for indoctrination lie in his congealed rationale to provide his patients with the best.

“I always empathize with my patients, so I always try to put myself in their shoes, and thus I want to do the best for them at all times.”

Prem stands out as a genuine believer in adapting to his patients’ needs in order to deliver the finest solutions possible for their ailments or objectives. He takes the time to understand the purpose and motivations of his patients to seek remedies, as well as catering to their requirements in a demonstrative manner. Clients are approached with a balance of professionalism and companionable understanding, which he extends to dealing with his staff as well.

“To my staff, I am more of a friend to them than a boss. They fulfil their duties perfectly, out of love and respect for me, rather than out of fear or just for the sake of doing them, which makes it much better for all parties involved, including my clients.”

Instilling the spark of motivation to create an integrated network of trust and productivity, Prem Luckshman directs his personnel to work with compassion and understanding on the basis of the true moralities of the profession. With his demanding profession, Prem always looks to maintain an updated approach with an overall understanding of all aspects of medicine, especially concentrating on those related to aesthetic medicine as his specialized field. With expansive exposure to many resources abroad and in the local demographics, he always looks deep into the most updated and creative approaches in the industry and tries to incorporate them with care and precision into his extensive portfolio.

As a branch of medicine that revolves around aesthetic desires in appearance, this field caters to the care of the largest organ of the body, the skin. ” This particular branch of medicine revolves mostly around anti-ageing, where we reduce or revert the physical effects that ageing has on the human skin and face. Equally important are the other aspects of the human skin and body, which are also covered under the field of aesthetic medicine. The field of medicine is usually about saving lives, and aesthetic medicine is no different, as we help patients overcome their psychosocial issues and loss of confidence, which they encounter due to their cosmetic issues. “ With treatments including precise attention from head to toe, where the applications are numerous, starting from hair fall, wrinkles, aged face, acne and post-acne scars to dry skin, Prem summarizes his field of work essentially as an area contributing to enhancing the minute imperfections. The technique is recognized for its focus on balance, aesthetics, and anti-ageing. Prem values the freedom to be creative that this profession of medicine provides, as well as the ability to seek a source of inspiration.

“One thing I had to work on was looking at every human being I met through the eyes of an artist or sculptor because my field is similar to how they make art or sculpt statues. Every single detail counts and the treatments we use have a significant impact on how one looks.”

With true responsibility for one of the most precious assets one holds dear to them, their beauty and health, Prem Luckshman constantly keeps his eyes fixed and forward as the industry evolves to new heights of recognition and acceptance. In an industry where there are so many new technologies and treatments being introduced very often, the endless possibilities of treating almost all of the cosmetic issues with minimally invasive techniques are hugely embraced by evolving professionals like Prem Luckshman. Looking into minimizing the downtime and post-operative pain and bad experiences following surgeries, he looks into providing his patients with the best the industry has to offer along with the guaranteed expertise of his trusted professional skills.

With immense gratitude for his support system and his roots, Prem cherishes the opportunities life brings while he dedicates himself to maintaining an overall balanced attitude and lifestyle that will motivate him to serve the best for his patients. “I would like to dedicate my success to both my parents. My father has taught me almost everything about life, including the fact that “the early bird always catches the worm” and my mother who always stood by whatever the decision I made and pushed me to pursue this field although it was a tough, risky and expensive field to venture into. I am most fortunate to have them as my parents., he added gratefully. With this background, he looks forward to the new opportunities the ever-evolving aesthetic medicine industry offers while maintaining the precise values of trustworthy service and professionalism.