Redefining ‘Steady Balance’ – the Co-Founder of The Avenue, Shanika Nanayakkara

Portraying multitasking abilities and the prominent qualities of a strong woman, Shanika Nanayakkara, the Co-Founder of The Avenue, shares a glimpse of her life with us. Being a mother of 3 children and balancing a professional profile can be a challenge to many. However, holding great perseverance in being ambitious and contained within her duties and responsibilities, Shanika is an accomplished businesswoman, accompanying about 20 employees, and a list of A-Class customers, whilst providing them the best hospitality in town.

Shanika appreciates her dedication to the equilibrium maintained between life and work and contemplates the opportunities within the corporate world. “The corporate world has helped me become an independent woman and to think wisely in making decisions” she states when explaining her liberty to stand up to support women with her experience and her knowledge gained over the years. “I’m passionate about self-development and self-improvement in my personal life. I’m always looking to challenge myself and learn new things” she adds when explaining the obstacles faced by women in general within the professional world. Shanika’s method of tackling her crucial times has always been her strongest personality and her expertise in helping other women in their dreams.

Abiding by the true qualities of a successful woman, Shanika believes that taking risks, learning from mistakes and the abilities to handle negativity can assist women to fight for what they believe in. “Being a female leader in a male-centric business world requires the strength and confidence to deal with obstacles or setbacks”, says Shanika advising women to hold their ground and fight for their inspirations.

Concluding her statement, Shanika firmly believes that women must continue to reach various positions in the corporate world as women possess the capacity of taking up a different perspective. “We are seeing more educated, well experienced young women climbing the corporate ladder. This is a remarkable achievement I would say”, she states. Coming from a political background, Shanika hopes to see more women being involved in politics and governance. In conclusion, Shanika states “To all women aspiring to join leadership positions, my humble advice is to simply keep going, no matter what the world says” 

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