Uditha Illeperuma is the Chief Executive Officer of Clove Republic, a brand that brings elegance, style, and diversity of design into your living space. Uditha has always been a creative soul, and he feels that interior design enables him to positively influence the quality of living within the community, and maybe even beyond that. He believes that the best interior designs have an enchanting, inspiring quality, whilst being functional and optimal to the occupant of the space. 

Clove Republic is a brand that takes pride in designing beautiful and sophisticated furniture that includes a variety of decorative pieces in an array of textures, materials, and colors that reflect the fusion of neoclassical and contemporary styles. If you want to make a statement, Clove Republic has unique and exclusive pieces that portray vibrance and are crafted to uphold superior quality. Moreover, their bespoke collections showcase the intricate details and nuances in design, that Clove Republic is prominent for.

A significant number of clients prefer to source interior design needs internationally, and they incur a great expense in the process as they feel they cannot find designs of comparable quality in Sri Lanka. Recognizing this vacuum in the market inspired Uditha to exercise his creativity, tap into the networks he built from his extensive travel experiences around the world, and establish Clove Republic – A store that specializes in high-end interior solutions akin to international standards and international brands. Clove Republic was not created as a business but as an expression of the passion for creation. It was intended to be, and to this day is, a studio to capture inspiration, quality, design, and finesse. They are renowned for providing their clients with turn-key solutions, exceptional customer service, and the most premium luxury products in the world. 

When asked how Uditha would define his style, he said that he resonates with many different styles of interior, but feels that space should direct the style it’s designed in. He does not categorize himself as a neoclassical, contemporary or modern designer, as he feels it’s critical to have an open mind when connecting with clients – What the client wants and needs is paramount. Uditha is humbled and incredibly proud of the recognition he and Ranjala received for their work towards uplifting the interior design industry of Sri Lanka from where it was many years ago to where it is today. He went on to say, “If Ranjala was here with us today, she would be fiercely proud of what we have achieved in her memory and on her behalf. We have continued to stay true to her dream and her passion and we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that her legacy is honored.” Ranjala Illeperuma is the late wife of Uditha and the Co-founder of Clove Republic.

The ongoing pandemic has without a doubt brought many challenges. Uditha said that they are faced with import restrictions that thwart the specialized services and products they offer at the Clove Republic. Nevertheless, Uditha was adamant that they will continue to adapt and find a way to continue work within the new parameters. He reaffirmed that they are committed to their goals and their customers with as much zeal as before, and will work hard to ensure that they stay true to their values as designers and manufacturers. It was abundantly clear that Uditha is passionate about supporting the country now more than ever, and he is hopeful that there will soon be a relief for all of us from these trying times.

In closing, Uditha refers to a phrase that inspires him, and says that there are so many people, icons of design and others, who he continues to be inspired and guided by. A quote from the eminent Steve Jobs which comes to his mind, and which he frequently refers to, is: “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”