Sampath Jayasundara, the Chief Executive Officer of hSenid Business Solutions, is an outstanding leader with over two decades of experience in the IT industry. Over the years, he has steered people toward rapid business growth and millennial cultures to achieve high levels of success. His journey has inspired young Sri Lankan tech entrepreneurs, empowering them to believe that with talent, determination, and dedication, a techie will one day become a CEO. Sampath began his career as a technical resource and quickly rose through the ranks to become Director/General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of hSenid Business Solutions.

Sampath has served as a lecture panel member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) of Sri Lanka after completing his degree and a postgraduate diploma in computer science at the University of Colombo and then an MBA at PIM, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He is now a lecturer for Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL), University of Colombo, and Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM), University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He is also the Co-Founder and Director of Pioneer Institute of Business and Technology (Pvt) Ltd, an institute that offers IT and Business degree programs in collaboration with the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom and Leeds Trinity University in the United Kingdom.

As a renowned speaker, Sampath has addressed many executive coaching sessions both locally and internationally. He continues to lecture for Master’s degree reading graduates at several universities around the country. The extraordinary leader of hSenid emphasizes the importance of dedication and determination in succeeding as an entrepreneur in every industry. To establish perseverance, you must first build a great team and then instill confidence in them.

When asked how hSenid Business Solutions has diversified with the advent of technology, Sampath points to the fact that goods and services surround the HR domain, enabling innovations such as AI and the Internet of Things to reinforce the company’s capability and better serve clients. hSenid released a range of products for employee monitoring using IoT, as well as predictive analytics and chatbots using AI, demonstrating their commitment to innovation.

When it comes to the challenges that the company has faced along the way, Sampath says that in a highly unpredictable and uncertain environment global expansion is always a challenge with the scarcity of the resource. Furthermore, hSenid’s internal culture plays an important role in retaining top talent for the future. Recognizing the company’s exposure to global business trends aided in reaching out to these foreign markets with minimal capital.

Viewing the longer term of hSenid, Sampath is proud to say that the business has completed a 24-year journey to its 25th anniversary. Although he is heavily invested in global market developments and merchandise technologies, he speaks of a zealous desire to form a global alliance that will incorporate the company’s goods in those countries and regions to generate credible export revenue for our country. Simultaneously, hSenid is putting a lot of effort into its product roadmap to create the most user-friendly HR solutions in the world. He went on to say that the investment in peoples HR Marketplace is aimed at making it the best B2B service distribution platform in the world, affirming “Perseverance is a component of our culture and can help us to be ahead of the competition and grow globally.”

To conclude, Sampath confirmed that his company’s most significant asset is its dedicated team, world-class product, and hSenid’s partner network. Thereupon in mind, hSenid is a leading software solutions provider, and Sampath is keen on investing in products and people, changing the relevant techniques and processes to deploy strategies moving forward. hSenid is a perceptive company distinct within the journey of taking risks, making great decisions, and alter within the environment.