As Albert Einstein once stated, “the world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Following a path of creating progress through the expansion of thinking, Dilrukshi Kurukulasuriya, Chief Human Resources Officer at Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC, has conquered the hard rock hills of corporate life and continues to bloom and flourish as an individual who bears solid evidence of professionalism.

With a strong streak of leadership qualities embedded in her from a very early stage, Dilrukshi has fulfilled many roles throughout her life journey; as the eldest child of her family, the former head prefect of her school, a caring wife and a mother for her husband and her dear daughter, she truly looks ahead to life as a golden jar of priceless opportunities to flourish and thrive as a woman. Embracing the true femininity within herself, Dilrukshi looks forward to the progress ahead with her head held high.

Among the many roles she has fulfilled and continues to fulfil, Dilrukshi takes special pride in her corporate role as a senior leader. She continues to lead with a humanist attitude as the Chief Human Resources Officer, attempting to set an example and fulfil the demand of a role model for her workforce. Dilrukshi takes great satisfaction in being an influencer who promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment. She bases her motivations on humanism, where equal opportunities and rewards are established within her circle despite any superficial limitations.

“I wanted to get done what I believe is correct. I guess this is called results-driven.”

Dilrukshi sets out to pave a path for progress as she conquers the depths of the corporate life of a woman, with set motives that are focused on benefiting the majority. Gender or any other constraint is irrelevant to her when it comes to determining capability since she feels it is acquired by strenuous work, devotion, and perseverance. Dilrukshi is constantly working on keeping her true purpose in check in order to fulfil her responsibilities as she grows as a person. 

She fits the dream employee role for any organization, embodying a results-driven mindset and accompanying her drive to get things done. With an extended effort that was put into upkeeping and delivering on a role of leadership, she remains assertive and calm as she believes that an understanding approach is the best way to efficiently fulfil a role of leadership.

 “I have built professional and personal credibility, which is the most important thing for a leader. I am vocal and fearless as I am very clear in my mind about what I do and why I do things.”

As Dilrukshi stresses the importance of having a purposeful aim in life where you can direct your specialized energy, she likewise mentions the utter importance of having a balanced lifestyle that’ll compliment your mindset in the long run. A life without a work-life and personal-life balance will eventually lead to wandering and a lack of real fulfilment.

Dilrukshi looks forward to significantly increasing the degree of opportunities generated for women, owing to her friendly demeanour and unbiased thinking. Not only does she  acknowledge the progress that society has accomplished so far, she calls attention to the numerous unrealized opportunities that exist for many women, while also serving as an example of how to have both a great profession and a happy home life. Dilrukshi continues to drive on the strength of her great dedication, compassion, and work ethic, despite the fact that the journey is still ongoing and the desired goal appears to be nearing. She feels the journey itself is entirely worth the effort.