On a Forage for Gratification – the Managing Director of Raddella Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Punsala Abeynayake Raddella

Aspiring to bring a real change to the outdated narrative of gender norms, Punsala Abeynayake Raddella, the Managing Director of Raddella Jewellers Pvt Ltd, has carved her organization into the crowning jewel marking it a revolutionary emblem in the industry. Being a proud alumna of Museaus College and making her way into the Faculty of Law – the University of Colombo, her excellence in academics paved her way into becoming a lawyer. She then started her legal career in the Attorney General’s Department. Carrying herself with the humble pride of being a part of an elite legacy, Punsala continues to thrive on her journey as a woman in business, marking her own distinctive place in the industry as a courageous and empathetic leader.

“The role of a woman changes with time. Sometimes a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister-like in my case. Various responsibilities come into our lives with the numerous roles we play. Balance is key. Women usually don’t say no to challenges. Multi-tasking and being tenacious are some of the inherent qualities. So there have been instances where I had to be tenacious, successfully multi-task and also balance it all.”

Punsala approaches every role she plays with care and attention, calling it her highest privilege to be born as a woman. With valuing the unique abilities, she is blessed with as a woman, the responsibilities are balanced with an astute mind and with the support of a visionary outlook on life. This visionary outlook is directed towards the high role she plays as the Managing Director of Raddella Jewellers, as she always aspires to make a difference in the industry.

Established in early 2015, Raddella Jewellers (Pvt) Ltd stands as a unique venture of the Raddella Group that specializes in designing and manufacturing jewellery in gold, white gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Driven by her love for jewellery, Punsala quit her role in the Attorney General’s Department and ventured into starting her own business in the name of ‘Raddella Jewellers’, which came as an expansion of Raddella Holdings. Following her passion, she then studied Jewellery and Designing at GIA, Thailand. “ I started with a small store and within 6 years I have managed to expand the store and the business while catering to more customers. I have put my heart and soul into this venture. I’m happy about the journey I have come in this field as a woman while managing the home front with two kids”, she stated.

Creating customized designs to fit the needs of their customers, their core aim is to create a trusted brand catering to the specialized needs of clients. In a journey towards excellence, they endeavour to create exquisite pieces of impeccable quality that are eternal in nature and offered an invaluable guarantee catering to the unique needs of their clients.

With a vision to become Sri Lanka’s most loved jewellery brand, Raddella Jewellers is powered by Punsala to be established in the most trusted books of their customers. Fueling their mission to offer their customers the opportunity of expression through high quality and contemporary jewellery offered at affordable prices, Punsala makes sure to add her special essence of excellence to every collection they produce. With the expertise of Punsala backing up the corporate structure of the company, their products are constantly developed in keeping with trends while making them an affordable luxury for their customers. Punsala carries the vision and mission of the company on her shoulders as she dedicates herself to serving her clients with a customer-centric approach while also balancing her company and its employees’ needs with care.

“What kept me going was the passion I had in me to do something different. And in my field of work, a lot of creativity and innovation are highly involved, and I find that very satisfying. This passion, as well as the fulfilment and satisfaction I derive from my work, is what has kept me going.”

Placing her drive and passion towards the jewellery industry on high grounds, as she motivates herself to become better every day, Punsala looks forward to the rewarding contentment she is awarded for achieving what she aspires to achieve. For Punsala, discovering one’s true passion lies as the driving force of one’s journey towards excellence. Putting effort into discovering what you are passionate about and then following up with hard work to achieve the goals you are passionate about comes into play as factors that cannot be compromised.

As an individual gearing towards achieving her true passions every day, Punsala also adapts herself to the inevitable as well as surprising changes and challenges she faces as an authority figure.

“Balancing and prioritizing is key. Balancing work and personal life while identifying what needs priority at any given point of time when interests clash is something I always adapt to as any situation or crisis demands at any given time.

Pouring her abilities to power through the tough times, Punsala looks to always create a perfect amalgam of balance that’ll keep her as well as her company in check. This, as she claims, is the most important quality one should adapt to as a leading figure in any system. Followed by the mindset to create a balance, it is the accumulated efforts of its participants that uplift the company to new heights. The balance should always lead to development as well, essentially taking the system to a new place of growth and potential. And guiding her employees to always contribute their best while keeping a close check on their motivation and needs is something Punsala dedicates herself to as a true leader.

While the company is driven to a new dawn of potential, Punsala submerses herself in the task of expanding the horizons of her company. With hope for more diversification beyond the limits of class, gender, or other naming factors, Punsala aspires to establish an approach where potential, capability, and originality can be awarded due to admiration and approbation.

“I think there’s more potential for women to grow in the world of business. Sometimes, due to conservative thinking and background, women are curtailed. My advice is to break through the stereotype thinking and venture into new opportunities while balancing your personal life.”

A true revolution is only made effective if it’s driven to make an impactful change with action. As Punsala believes, revolutionary change shouldn’t always need to be radical. One can approach the matter of injustice with careful decisions and smart precision. The first step is always to make a change as an individual, then inspire others to join you on the journey of revolution. As a woman and a leader, Punsala always looks to first immerse herself in the thoughts and actions of change before motivating others to follow, and this for her is the most important quality in her as she envisions a better and brighter future for her company.

“To make a real change, I would start from home by inculcating proper values and thinking patterns that don’t limit an individual’s scope. A mother’s role is huge when it comes to the growth of a child and moulding them. It is also important to be a role model for the children. Educating the children how to break through, take risks, and shine should start at home.”

Offering her opinion of starting from the smallest unit to make an eventual change in society, Punsala focuses dearly on the unit of family, relying on the belief that preserving and nourishing a seed is what will eventually produce a blossoming tree that’ll provide shade for many. With the notion of always contributing to the greater good, personal agendas should always be aligned to cater to a good purpose as one looks to find true fulfilment in life. For Punsala, her passion for work and dedication towards the variety of roles she plays as a woman stands truly near and dear as she continuously embarks on her journey to discover fulfilment as a leader, a human being, and as a woman of quality distinction.

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