Known for excellence since 1952, discretion, decorum, and details are the pillars that founded Jayaratne Group of Companies 70 years ago by the late K.G.A Jayaratne. He had risen from the beginnings of a floral business to great wealth starting at Deans Road, and now the business currently a third-generation business has its present premises at Borella.

Viewing the history that paved the path for the group, at the turn of the last century, most funerals were conducted in private homes with less adequate space and facilities, and as time grew, fewer and fewer families had room for large gatherings. Recognizing the need, K.G.A Jayaratne created the renowned “Jayaratne Funeral Directors.” He saw the opportunity to relieve grieving families of many of the details and arrangements that funeral planning entails. In his staff, he instilled an understanding of the value of courteous service to all client families, regardless of social or financial standing, religion, or ethnicity.

Built upon the legacy of his begetter, Gamini Jayaratne; the acclaimed Chairman along with his son, Hasanga Jayaratne the Group Director has had the great privilege of serving families from all walks of life, as well as dignitaries. Everyone offers service, but the impeccable service at Jayaratne Group happens to be above and beyond the ordinary. The most Jayaratne Funeral Parlors are spread conveniently island-wide in the heart of the city of Colombo, the kingdom of Kandy, the royal capital of Kurunegala, and the city of gems of Ratnapura,

The group’s latest innovative venture “The Restpect” was developed on the concept of “A home away from home”, offering the atmosphere of one’s home, the way all Sri Lankans would like to possess the funerals of their loved ones. With the establishment of the Restpect in 2017, clients have been greatly made certain with the concept. Losing a loved one is a deeply personal chapter in life. The professionals at The Restpect understand this implicitly representing the most knowledgeable in their profession in the whole of southeast Asia. It’s what clients have come to expect from, and for good reason, satisfying special requests with reverence and precision rarely seen today. According to the company director, with the current change in the way of living, most people live in apartments or premises that are impractical to possess a funeral with regards to the location, parking spaces, and other issues.

The premises of The Restpect were an actual home that was purchased closer to the parking lot at Borella when it went on sale, which was later renovated and included two parlors inside. However, if any client requests the entire house to conduct their family funeral, it is possible to get rid of the partitions and supply the entire house consistent with the supply at the time. The Restpect undertake all the responsibilities of conducting the funeral from the start to up until the body is either cremated or buried, either at Borella or at the other cemetery at the request of the family. Accordingly, The Restpect offers the simplest alternative to one’s home. The recently instituted Restpect in Marawila facilitates fine funeral services to the Northern Province of Sri Lanka consisting a spacious parking lot in comparison to Colombo.

The notable parlor houses all necessary facilities including VIP suites with washrooms and showers, a petite kitchen for the utilization of the family, a spacious lounge arena where hot snacks and tea are devoured at. Furthermore, clients are capable of requesting additional services such as special florals, banquet chairs. The Restpect exclusively caters to breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even Malabatha; which is a component of a standard Sri Lankan funeral and is quite popular at the Restpect. To one that may be unaware; the Malabatha is a simple, vegetarian meal served for those attending the wake. Recognizing how substantial it is, to precise the proper emotions, the parlor provides a variety of graceful, enlightened, and warily fashioned flowers handcrafted by expert florists, with the necessity of the clients. All flowers used for arrangements are grown at their very own nurseries situated in Keppetipola, the beautiful hills of Nuwara Eliya.

Jayaratne Group of Companies continue to expand its ability in understanding client needs during a stressful time of their life and to make a comforting experience during the funeral of their beloved. A funeral service is unlike any other event. It is a personal retrospective distilled into a singular tribute, a crescendo capturing the passions and triumphs of a unique individual. At the Restpect, lives have been celebrated with extraordinary tributes since its origination. Jayaratne Group of Companies instill a combination of luxury and confidentiality that is legendary. It’s how remarkable people prefer to be remembered.