Mastering the art of precision in construction and landscaping! – Founder and CEO of Syda, Peter Vangunster

Combining solidarity with an extensive eye for detail, Peter Vangunster, the Founder and CEO of Syda, alongside Mohomed Nadeen, the Partner/Director at Syda, Sri Lanka, takes us through an exploration of architecture and construction.

A Benedictine by heart, Peter completed both his Ordinary level and his Advance level at St. Benedict’s College, Colombo. Facing a tragic loss of his paternal parent, Peter and his brother walked through life alongside his mother’s guidance. “My mother single-handedly raised me and my brother. It was under a heap of difficulties, we stand where we are today”, Peter explains, reminding himself of his journey.

As maturing in life, academics and career, Peter takes upon a quick role as a Trainee Merchandiser, subsequently after his higher education. “I wanted to help my family survive. As a young boy, just after A/Ls, my only understanding was to find a job“. Opening up to a great deal of vacancies and job offers, Peter managed to gather experience in various industries. Through this motive, he satiated his urge to gain knowledge and inculcate relevant skills and strategies in life. “I am a meticulous person! I always had an interest towards understanding details in diversely intricate areas and concepts. This is because I was well assured that possessing an ample amount of knowledge and understanding in anything in life, can provide us the clarity to function accurately!“, he adds.

Peter believes in having built an impetus drive to motivate him towards the success he holds today. “The inert momentum I possess is what has helped me conquer my goals today“, he states. Peter finds himself utterly grateful in life to have reached his goals, whilst battling the tormenting hardships in life. Commenting on his journey, he states, “I’ve failed many times in life. But each time, I gathered a lot from my mistakes. Each time we fall, we learn to pick ourselves up!”. Peter also takes a moment expresses his sincere gratitude and appreciation to his previous employers in Dubai, to the Founder & CEO of Orient Star International and the Founder & CEO of Ruwinda Enterprises for mentoring him with priceless advices over the years.

Stabilising his life and career journey over the years, Peter now functions as the Founder and the CEO of Syda Real estate development; an organisation started over a modest beginning, which now caters to adding value and meaning to the lives of many customers. Taking an integrated approach at each stage, from pre-construction to designing interior arrangements, Syda has prospered among the community under Peter’s attention and meticulous understanding. He states, “I have about 39 confirmed staff members working with me alongside 200 contracted based staff working on fields. We work together to serve a better purpose in the lives of our clients”. Enriching the process of acquiring one’s dream home, Peter states that Syda incorporates one-to-one discussions and detailed planning, creating an integral atmosphere for their clients.

Working together with clients on plotting the masterplans of their dream homes and architecture, Peter believes that his core values must be weighed heavily upon his actions. He elaborates, “My mindset has always been in perfecting the service and the innovation of the company”. He further continues, “Being service-minded or customer-oriented interprets a caring attitude towards your clients. This can also assist in providing a quality experience to the clients we serve. We find that quite essential in our field of work”. Peter believes that also extends care and support to one’s community, while instilling company standards.

Mounting from precipice to precipice while embarking his imbuing journey through peaks and valleys, Peter has a strong focus on innovative designs. Seeing the necessity of having an eye for details, Peter finds measure to strive and thrive along with his customers, his team and his company. “Challenging oneself is crucial”, he says. “You are a work of progress, striving to do better! Think of creative ways to solve tough problems. Take calculated risks. Finding new ways to solve a problem can help the company move forward“, Peter adds. Concluding his statement, Peter offers a piece of genuine advice to entrepreneurs of diverse industries, “Train your Staff well so they can Leave, treat your staff well so they don’t want to Leave”. Furthermore, unravelling his journey he states, “Just do what’s right and what fits your calibre. If your goal is to do business, engage and initiate with any business. Be meticulous! Learn the details, dive deeper, hire professionals and monitor”.

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