Sabeer Iqbal, the Managing Director of Rush Lanka Group, with an industry knowledge of 20 years, shares his perspectives of Real Estate and why this could be the best time to invest in Real Estate in Sri Lanka. Rush Lanka Group of Companies has been a blooming entity in the real estate industry ever since its dawn in 1992. Being recognized for its exceptional and incomparable chain of luxury and semi-luxury apartments, the company has surrounded their clients with unforgettable experiences, keeping convenience at their highest level of importance. 

At the helm of Rush Lanka Group is Sabeer, who initially specialized in Garments having graduated from MMU UK specializing in International Fashion and Marketing. Later, he served as a senior manager for one of Sri Lanka’s top apparel exporters at the time when Sabeer walked into Rush Lanka Group and into the world of Real Estate. “Emerging into a new sector did not scare me, nor did I see it as a challenge. All I saw was an opportunity. I had a great team around to support my vision. I was open to learning. I used to sit down with architects, engineers and other key professionals constantly trying to improve. I am happy with our progress and the heights we’ve reached thus far.” His visionary leadership and foresight transformed the entire company. He also has a keen eye for the big picture as he’s eager to elevate the company to reach new heights. “Personally, I see this as a long journey, we cannot be complacent of our achievements, we’re continuously seeking ways to improve.” he added.

Why is it the best time to look at Investing in Real Estate?

Real estate is an investment that guarantees profits most of the time. If carried out through the right mediums, Real estate can be a long-lasting investment in which the value continues to grow or stagnates, but very rarely falls. From retirement homes for old couples to simplified living for newly wedded individuals, an investment in real estate is never in vain. “Investment in Real-Estate is always a lucrative option for higher returns. Especially in Sri Lanka, due to its ambition to emulate FDI inflows similar to countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Investing now could reap massive returns in the future.” Sabeer emphasized that Sri Lanka is slowly achieving its projected goal of being a global trading hub. The port city is one prime example of Sri Lanka being identified as a vibrant Island. Sri Lanka’s overall literacy rate is at 91.7% (Ages 15+) according to the latest data. This indicates the quality of human resources the country has to offer. Investments in Real Estate is now one of the best options, and Rush Lanka Group encourages investments due to its unique ability to operate as an agent to ensure you receive the best deal on your investment, or a suitable quality apartment that you can proudly call ‘home’. 

What is the outlook of Sri Lanka and the economy?

Sri Lanka is projected to achieve more as effective strategies are implemented by the Government to counter the pandemic. Latest reports indicate that 54.1% of the population of Sri Lanka are fully vaccinated, while 66.5% are vaccinated with at least one dose. In addition, tourism pilot projects showed positive results when reopening Sri Lanka for tourists. Similarly, the Sri Lanka tourist board eliminated the quarantine and PCR process for fully vaccinated passengers on arrival. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is open for tourists from many top countries like the UK, India, and Dubai, indicating Sri Lanka is projecting to achieve new heights as a nation. “The Government is a key contributor to this employing excellent recovery strategies, the Real Estate industry is projected to grow significantly. Many companies in the industry are positively gearing up to end the 4th Quarter of the year on a high”.

Why Choose Rush Lanka Group for your Investment or Home?

Rush Lanka Group has been a constant force in the industry for almost 27 years. “The longevity in the industry is a testament to our quality and expertise in this industry”. Sabeer emphasized Rush Lanka Group’s ability to cater to investors and home seekers, ensuring investors receive a sizable return on their investment and home seekers are satisfied with the best amenities the industry has to offer. “Some people are afraid of the bureaucracy in purchasing a property, however, that’s where we as a company offer our clients impartial access and help them navigate all legalities. We always maintain an open and transparent communication channel with our clients, to ensure their investment is safe and secure.”

What are the plans for the Future?

Sabeer says the future vision at Rush Lanka Group is to expand into new markets, having currently developed and pioneered semi-luxury apartment settings, they plan to increase their services into luxury apartments catering to that niche. Rush Lanka also hopes to consider constructing economical and reliable real estate solutions, apart from market transitions. There is a desire to focus on sustainable living acknowledging the importance of environmental protection. Their main focus remains to develop and progress further, gradually accommodating people of all income groups. “One of our key strategies is continuing the concept of Vertical Living. Apartments or vertical projects for living is the solution to increasing populations globally”. Apartments are affordable, safer, and it’s a perfect investment option for first-time property buyers. 

Concluding his account on the importance of real estate and the contributory role played by Rush Lanka Group in the real estate industry, Sabeer states that “Being successful in investment is a matter of managing risk, not avoiding it. For anyone interested in investing in Real Estate, or looking to secure their dream home, we at Rush Lanka Group welcome you”.