A persevering entrepreneur, Navin De Silva’s interest to provide property investment and marketing opportunities to clients propelled him to establish GRIT Property Group.

Navin started his career as an IT Project Manager with a background in the tech industry. This was where he was exposed to managing fortune 500 clients from the US along with clients from UK and Australia. He was in a stable industry with a steady career path within a comfort zone yet his heart yearned to venture out to the market to acquire his entrepreneurial streak. “I was having a comfortable life with a growing career in front of me yet I decided to go from comfort to discomfort when I left the job and started a Property Investment business by taking a massive risk.”

The company was founded in the year 2018 with a vision of ‘Helping investors to transform their lives through property investments.’ “The name GRIT was inspired by the #1 value I stood by, which is perseverance.” GRIT started with humble beginnings and now they have grown to operate in Australia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and India. “With humble and bootstrapping beginnings, the company has grown from strength to strength into a multi-million-dollar empire where we assist investors all around the globe and offices in Australia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and India.”  A dream of an employee in the tech industry has now spread far and wide across the world to help people with property investments.

Navin states that his team of highly skilled individuals is the strength behind the smooth operations at GRIT. “My role as the Managing Director has become easy thanks to the Top-Notch team I have around the globe,” said Navin, complimenting his team. As a leader, he oversees the performance and effectiveness of the team along with the operations, while making sure that the company utilizes its resources to make a positive impact. “My role includes taking strategic decisions to steer the company forward as well as to train and manage the teams for them to perform at their best while maintaining relationships with the global clientele.” Persistence to overcome challenges is a virtue that Navin embodies, paving clarity in the path to his success.

GRIT Property Group is an organization that assists “investors to create wealth using Australian and Dubai Property investments by helping them in every step of their way” by providing services, beginning with property investment education to Finance, legal aspects, property management and even re-selling the property. “We help parents to get their own property when they send their kids to Australia for higher studies.” Providing the right information to the clients would boost their confidence in potential investments, “Our property investment education is world-class and we know for a fact that if the investors are educated, they can make the right investment choices.”

An integral part of Navin’s life is the core values that drove him toward his success. Perseverance and Integrity being the most crucial ones that shaped both his life and the operations at GRIT. The company’s approach toward the challenges and the place they hold themselves in is moulded by the leader’s values. “Corporate values are part of our routine and everything we do in the company revolves around these values,” stated Navin. As an organization with the vision of providing ease for investors, they strive to make the process as smooth as possible by taking on the responsibility of keeping the investors up to date with the changes that arise.

An ambitious leader that he is, Navin believes that GRIT Property Group is hoping to see significant growth in the upcoming years as the market is ripe with opportunities. They have been gathering skilled and highly passionate individuals from all over the island. A team of people who are looking forward to adding value to both their lives and the company. With the right system in place now along with a stable hold in the current market, GRIT Property Group is looking forward to “launching into new markets and striving through the current markets to continue the growth we have had.”

Navin believes that everyone should be determined to go forward with their dreams against the challenges. “Never give up on your dreams!” Navin said with passion. A game plan is needed to make any dream a reality and it takes ‘drive’ to make it there. It takes determination and spirit to pursue one’s dream and all it takes is a daring step in its direction. “Keep moving forward with massive action and I can guarantee you, that you will achieve your dreams!”