Level 4 – Dine with a view

Colombo’s multi-deck pub and restaurant is now here to satisfy everyone who loves a good view while enjoying amazing food and drinks. The Level 4 Pub and Restaurant is home to a beautiful view of the Colombo skyline. Opened to the public as of the 3rd of September, the Level 4 Pub and Restaurant is the ideal place to hang out with friends after a long day at work.

Chef Ivan, whose kitchen produces mouth-watering Western and Asian dishes, is the former sous chef at Kingsbury, and the current head chef at the Level 4 Pub and Restaurant.


The menu is a mix-up of Western and Asian dishes. We started off with the Mixed Garden Salad which was loaded with Japanese cucumber, iceberg lettuce, green olive, tomato, bell pepper and mixed-in with a vinegar dressing. This is a healthy option.

Next, we had the Fried Prawns with French Fries. The prawns were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The prawns which were battered with breadcrumbs had the right balance of textures.

The Pork Black Curry with Roast Bread & Kochchi Sambol was delicious. The pork curry, which came in a clay pot, was loaded with Sri Lankan spices, and it went well with the crispy roast bread. A small portion from the delicious kochchi sambol per serving added more taste.

The Nasi Goreng is the ideal dish for those who love the Indonesian cuisine. The nasi goreng was served with chicken satay, peanut butter, chili paste and a sunny-side-up egg. The combination of these went well. The chicken satay and peanut butter tasted heavenly.

Last but not least we tried the Egg Fried Rice with Wok Fried Vegetables & Devilled Chicken. This may look like an ordinary fried rice, but it was flavourful and tasted amazing.


The Level 4 Pub and Restaurant has an extensive drinks menu. From the variety of drinks, we tried two signature drinks and two non-alcoholic beverages.

The ‘Level 4’ comes with a tamarind popsicle. A bite from the popsicle while sipping the drink adds more flavour and one should not miss this. The Mango Martini was good but wasn’t the best out of the cocktails. The two non-alcohol beverages we tried were the Red Rocket and Refresh. The Red Rocket which was a mix of berries was very appealing to the eye. We were expecting it to taste sour as it was a mix of strawberry, raspberry and cranberry, however, it tasted great. The ‘Refresh’ was a mix of cucumber, mint, lime juice and sprite, and it actually refreshed us.

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