Lanka Sathosa has slashed the prices of 12 essential food items, says the Chairman of Lanka Sathosa, Pasanda Yapa Abeywardena.

Accordingly, the revised prices will come into effect from today (Jan. 19).

The reduced prices of relevant food items are as follows;

Item Name New Price (per kg) Reduced Amount
Big Onions Rs. 180 Rs. 05
White Sugar Rs. 216 Rs. 02
Red Raw Rice  Rs. 187 Rs. 08
White Raw Rice (local) Rs. 179 Rs. 10
Samba Rice (local) Rs. 210 Rs. 10
White Nadu Rice (local) Rs. 189 Rs. 09
White Nadu Rice (imported) Rs. 180 Rs. 08
Keeri Samba Rice  Rs. 239 Rs. 06
Red Dhal Rs. 370  Rs. 07
Dried Chillies Rs. 1730 Rs. 50
Wheat Flour  Rs. 235 Rs. 05
Sprats  Rs. 1100 Rs. 20