Jobless rate around UK airports above average, say MPs

Analysis shows that unemployment rates are higher around major UK airports than across the UK.

According to parliamentary data, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits went up 112% across the UK between January 2020 and January 2021.

But analysis by a group of MPs with interest in aviation found that in constituencies around the UK’s top 20 airports, it rose 145% on average.

Some airports in London and the South East saw particularly high rises.

In Hayes and Harlington, which contains Heathrow, the number of people claiming unemployment benefits has increased 221%. In Crawley, around Gatwick, it has increased 224% and in Saffron Walden, the home of Stansted, it has increased 228%.

Earlier this month, a learning hub was set up by the Unite union to help workers employed at Heathrow develop new skills to improve their prospects of finding work. The union has said that over 30,000 airport workers could lose their job by the time the pandemic ends.


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