Serving the gyrating demands of the artistic populations in Sri Lanka, D & D Interior Designs hold a prominent reputation in the field of interior adornment. Towering and emerging through a myriad of creators, Dumidu Karunanayake and Nimna Jayasekara stand as a venerated centrepiece within the industry. 

Dumidu Karunanayake is a graduate from the University of Greenwich, London, possessing a degree in Business Management which grounds an establishing journey through the corporate domain, counting in renowned companies like The Emirates Airlines in Dubai. Progressing through this fabricating success, Dumidu was able to inaugurate his very own company, D & D Interior Designs, holding the capacity of a Managing Partner since 2019.

This token of embellishment was initiated with “a true passion for art and culture” and has succeeded ever since. Relishing its mission to visualize the masterpiece before engaging in a sequence of meticulous responsibilities, D & D Interior Designs have trusted their reliable services, which has redefined the companies’ potential to elevate it to another level. Dumidu believes that this perseverance and persistence is what distinguished their company from the rest in the industry. “Our clientele are willing to incorporate contemporary aesthetics into their lifestyle. He adds that they are willing to embrace the beauty and the simplicity of our work”, taking delight in their exemplary creativity. 

According to Dumidu, starting D & D Interior Designs has been a good and pleasant journey with minimum hassle entirely because of their well-experienced, devoted, result-oriented workforce, and their passion for delivering the best to their clients. He further shares his experience during the pandemic, mentioning the effects it has on the turnover. Yet, gliding in clouds of creativity, “D & D’s entire team managed to stay up in the game by strategically diversifying our services,” he adds. Alongside this supportive team, Dumidu believes that the company can further expand its footprints into other diverse industries like corporate interior design and architecture construction. 

Portraying a unique project flair through their services, D & D Interior Designs have maintained a holistic solution based designing and manufacturing company, reinforced by their unrivalled employees. The designers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, and material suppliers continue to bridge gaps between their clients and their services. “We do not outsource to third parties. Instead, we take full responsibility for the entire project,” Dumidu adds with pride. 

Reflecting on his success as the Managing Partner, Dumidu believes in the quote, “if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”.

Another vital component of this fine establishment is Nimna Jayasekara, the Principal Designer and Partner at D & D Interior Designs and a former Devi Balika Vidyalaya student. After embracing a diverse range of job descriptions, she finally settled to explore her possibilities in interior design, initiating her prolific journey at Raffles design institute Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Receiving highly intensive training on handling high-end residential projects from Courtyard SDN, Brd, Nimna functioned as the Junior Interior Designer at Annika Fernando Pvt Ltd in 2008. She glimpses her responsibilities where she “handled high-end residential projects, whilst being exposed to project management and site & supplier coordinating”. She further adds, “I received a sound knowledge on furniture designing and production methods”. Subsequently, after accomplishing a great deal of fluency in the field, Nimna channelled her motivation to engage in a partnership company alongside Dumidu.

To Nimna, unlike most other firms in the industry, D & D mainly focuses on high-end residential projects, placing the utmost importance on the people and the renovation of a house into a home. She says, “We pay lots of attention to our client’s briefings, and we study their lifestyles, work environment, number of family members, etc. before we design their space.” Nimna merely highlights their process of interior adornment and creates a personalized space to enhance their clients’ lifestyles. Furthermore, Nimna accentuates their detail-oriented, practically functional projects, providing an all-inclusive solution in designing and building, also via consultation, project coordination and supplier coordination.

Being a blooming company within the design trade with many years of experience in design, Nimna also favours that there wasn’t any significant exertion on the company’s initiation. Meanwhile, D & D was able to function amidst the pandemic, upholding strict safety protocols at their sites and factories. “We took over full-scale residential projects to minor renovation works such as renovating different parts of houses”

Nimna also explains her taste in the ‘unique project style’. She believes that every client and their expectations must be treated uniquely, suggesting matchless design proposals to each client. For example, she explains, “When designing kids rooms, we take in requests from the youngest family member to the oldest family member”. Nimna further adds, “Kids have a very vivid imagination, so it’s imperative to pay attention to their request and create an interesting design to enhance their imagination”, about the stream of ideas that gushes through their minds when approaching clients’ expectations.  

This excitement and experience of a vast calibre are concentrated in finding the best-suited solutions for D & D clients, which can be approached via other areas like corporate designs, retail designing and constructions shortly. Nimna shares that to succeed and prosper in her field, one must appreciate and accept “The beauty is in the details”.