Nurtured by the thought of gifting ultimate love and joy in a perfect bundle, Ceylon Giftery, Sri Lanka’s Premium Gift Store, was originally founded by Raveen Perera and Dinu De Silva just over a year ago. They speak directly to their customers’ hearts by making sure the gifts are personalized and close to home. Starting with a few suppliers, their business now incorporates many gift suppliers, including home-based gift makers. To further reach their goal of women’s empowerment, Ceylon Giftery has turned their attention more into catering business from home-based small business sources.

Ceylon Giftery values joy and happiness abundantly. Gifting, indeed, is a perfected science of happiness, which is at the core of their efforts. Going hand-in-hand with joy, is trust and care, promising that the staff will not hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied.

Not only does Ceylon Giftery supply mainstream and most asked-for services such as gifting flowers, cakes, chocolates, perfumes, gift boxes, etc., they are also ready to customize the gift items if that is what the customer desires. Customization of gifts is spread across a broad range, including mugs, notebooks, T-shirts, glassware, bags, bed linen, and many more. Adding to that, every cake supplied by Ceylon Giftery is made sure to be fresh out of the oven and baked with love and care. Their strive for perfection has managed to win the love of many of their customers. Customers are free to pick a design of their choice, either out of a design that the shop has already worked on, or talk with the team to get a customized cake made to fit their needs. Reaching out to them is made easy by social media or through WhatsApp.

Their range of services also includes luxury gifting along with exclusive packaging. The team is also involved in corporate packaging, being involved with companies making sure their gifting necessities are well looked after. Adding to their profile is not only tangible but also experiential, including hotel stays, dining options, and many varieties. Team Ceylon Giftery does not plan on slowing down with their growth, since they are piling up more and more plans to see the light of day in the upcoming future.

Ceylon Giftery also caters to Sri Lankans that live abroad, communicating love with their loved ones in Sri Lanka through the art of gifting. This, however, does not limit the chances of Sri Lankans ordering their gifts via Ceylon Giftery.

The team currently offers delivery within the Western Province and is planning to expand deliveries to cities like Galle and Kandy. Ultimately, the plan is to deliver their products all across the country, to their beloved local customers, and then to take their dominance across the globe.

“We are in the business of delivering smiles”, added the founders. According to them, the core of their business leaves them with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. The Ceylon Giftery team consists of individuals that work tirelessly every day to make sure this goal is satisfied.