It is said that hard work, dedication and perseverance are the raw materials of ultimate success. Gane Kumaraswamy, Director of Global Vinyl (Pvt) Limited, exemplifies this postulation. Incorporating his excellent skills in the project management and product development division of the company, while blending it in the alchemy of exemplary teamwork, along with his brother Gajan, his family business is led to the dome of excellence; sourcing and manufacturing the best of flooring and synthetic leather material while also ensuring a range of customized, affordable, and finest quality products in that particular niche market.

His initial work experience as a software engineer in a global consulting firm and further experience at an IT start-up set on to be a concrete pinnacle to the establishment he now leads. His experience from this period provided him with the grounding skills to lead the firm to the pedestal of successful significance. When he joined the family business, the external skills he learned were put into the mix of his complementizer blend of natural talents that eventually embodied to achieve a personality that stood out to be the perfect figurehead of an exceptional leader.

Standing underneath such excellent leadership, Global Vinyl mounts as a giant in the industry, with a history of close to forty years supporting the establishment that S. Kumaraswamy initially started. At the outset, the company that was put into effect along with affiliation to Singaporean collaborations identified a market need for synthetic leather in the early eighties and proceeded to kickstart their journey pioneering this product segment in the Sri Lankan market. This quality standard of manufacturing and process development led them to diversify into the vinyl flooring industry in the early to mid-2000s.

With rigid aspirations to provide affordable luxury to their customers with their Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), the company stands as a trusted testimony to a wide variety and number of projects and productions.  The company offers tarpaulin as another one of their key products. This material is used to make raincoats for truck covers and its interpretation. The geomembrane product used for waterproofing functions on any construction-related product output is ensured to be provided at a level of utmost quality through several decades by the establishment. Apart from these, Global Vinyl also manufactures Roofing Felt, which are alternatives for traditional tar sheets that come with advantages of being fire-retardant, anti-terminating and waterproof. In addition, they also manufacture PVC Sheeting, which is used to make a diary, file covers, and raincoats.

When it comes to the material manufacturing industry for flooring, Global Vinyl categorizes and excels in both luxuries and practicality. Vinyl Flooring renders a variety of flooring options that come in all shapes and sizes and is structured as sheets, tiles, and planks so that all the customer segments can viably reach the company to ensure fulfilment for their specific needs. On the other hand, Luxury Vinyl Tiles established under the G-Floor brand are geared towards providing customers’ opulence and comfortable usefulness. These come with a very realistic wood and stone finishing that ideally gives a clear, rich finish to apartments, malls, restaurants and even homes. Moreover, the variety of utilizations of this product comes with durability as it is a hundred per cent waterproof and a fire-retardant product. Furthermore, these refined products are made available to customers along with the facility of installation services and floor levelling work, offered by the trusted excellence of the company.

With an excellent range of versatile products to offer, Global Vinyl has instigated many prestigious projects. From providing homogeneous sheet flooring (that carries anti-microbial properties) for the government and private hospitals to garment factories looking to meet hygiene and practicality standards through their expectations about flooring installations. Global Vinyl holds Shangri La Hotel, Colombo, among their extensive record of trusted clients who opted for durable, reliable, and attested sourcing of floor materials.

The brand is a pioneer in supplying sourcing materials for a flawless and creative installation procedure. Their Luxury Vinyl Planks are versatilely sourced, illustrating a variety of different laying patterns that could be mixed and matched, ensuring it fits in perfectly with creative architecture and design opulence. The options of vivid wood and stone designs are aesthetically pleasing and resilient to suit flooring in houses, offices, restaurants, schools, malls and laboratories. Global Vinyl continues to prominently progress under the influence of Gane, who believes in constant economic preparation. His philosophy of basing lasting attainment on diligent work and keeping an open mind to learn from mistakes while fearlessly taking chances on calculated risks have led the company to shine bright and solidify its light as a high-up in the industry.