Naushad Mohideen is the Chairman of Comfort World International (Pvt) Limited – A one-stop shop for world-class bedding solutions. Upon completing his studies, Naushad spent seven years in Japan, where he progressed to Vice President of Shigadry with Earth – Japan, a Group specializing in infection control and hygienic bedding solutions. Wanting to give back to Sri Lanka, its economy, and its people, Naushad returned home and started a diversified group of companies, which included 2 BOI-approved large-scale manufacturing facilities. Over the years, this group has made significant investments in Sri Lanka and has contributed to the development of high-quality products, while maintaining strategic synergies that are parallel to high net worth, key decision-makers in the public and private sectors in the respective industries.

Health Care, Environment, and Entrepreneurship are the three areas that Naushad is passionate about and involved in. He is the Chairman of a group of companies and he is proud to say that he is the first to secure a USA license manufacturer status for Sri Lanka and the Maldives, from Spring Air International USA – One of the 4 largest bedding brands in the world. Naushad is a co-inventor of the world’s first MRSA-certified hospital bedding system and is actively involved in research and development for bedding solutions. He was also involved in developing the ‘Earth with Us’ campaign in Japan, where they focus on manufacturing 100% natural-based bedding solutions, and further promoting rubber plantations for their CO2 absorption capabilities. A passionate advocate for a greener planet, Naushad is also the owner of the world’s first Carbon Negative Product concept with bedding. Furthermore, he is an entrepreneur with creative design skills and is well experienced in running multiple, diversified corporate group activities, and large-scale manufacturing facilities – Naushad installed the largest modernized latex foam manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka.

Having worked with the development and innovation of bedding and mattresses, with the experience in creating hygienic mattresses that penetrated over 1600 hospitals and households in Japan, Naushad and his team at Comfort World are confident when they say they offer much more than just a mattress. Comfort World introduced the 8-inch mattress, and now offers a range up to the 18-inch mattress – It’s all about Comfort and First Class Luxury, and they are certain they offer mattresses unlike any other. With his extensive training and exposure in Japan, it is Naushad’s mission to bring to Sri Lanka world-class bedding technology that will contribute to the well-being of the Nation. The quality of bedding significantly impacts the quality of sleep, which has an overall impact on a person’s quality of life.

Speaking about the impact the pandemic has had on his business, Naushad spoke about the change in consumer spending habits and accepted that businesses just need to adapt to the changes. With the rise in e-commerce, it is a challenge to walk-in-based retail practices, therefore it is important to innovate a website and find new ways of communicating to a wider audience the value offered through your products and the reason they should place their trust in it. Naushad emphasized that in a time where one’s immunity is critical, getting good sleep is reproving as it promotes a stronger immunity, and he is positive that Comfort World can contribute to that.

As a company, innovation is paramount in ensuring that they manage steady and continuous growth, Comfort World had achieved this through many years of research and innovation. They value reliability and accountability and deliver to their customers as promised. Customers can trust their product, and that is evident as they have the highest number of repeat customers compared to their competitors. Naushad has personally customized mattresses for celebrities, sports stars, other prominent personalities, and the Hospitality Sector. Comfort World is synonymous with the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka, and if you’ve ever slept in a hotel, there’s a high chance you’ve slept on a mattress from Comfort World.

Technology plays an important role in ensuring Comfort World is successful, but it is the people that Naushad considers as his most valuable asset. He ensures that his team is well trained and can assist each client find the perfect mattress, as they can advise them on the correct posture. They have been trained and are classified as sleep experts as they would help clients pick the mattress that is just right for them, and they can advise them on sleep posture and other relevant areas that clients wouldn’t think of when purchasing a mattress – The team at Comfort World believes that it’s not just a mattress, it’s what your body needs in terms of a sleeping surface to ensure maximum support and comfort.

“Go find your passion, enhance your knowledge within that domain and contribute to society at large”. According to Naushad, you need to trust in what you do, innovate, and be unafraid to become a successful entrepreneur. You also need to be passionate, as passion will drive you to success and perverse through difficult times. Looking to the future, Naushad knows that the company is its people and know-how – and it is important to him that his team is content and mature in knowledge.