Social media has changed the face of the world. It has converted the world into a small village. People interact with others on social media and access the information easily. They connect and disconnect with others easily. Social networking site such as Facebook has revolutionized the world because it has become a democratic platform for the people to voice their views and brand themselves. Previously people approached print media to voice their views. Currently, they post their views on Facebook to get noticed quickly. The professional networking site especially LinkedIn has revolutionized the world to network with professionals. It offers several opportunities including employment and branding. It allows people to post their views and publish their articles. Previously people chased eminent publications to get their articles published. With LinkedIn providing such an amazing opportunity, people started posting their articles to get their knowledge disseminated quickly. The LinkedIn editors promptly pick up the articles that go viral quickly, categorize and promote them thus enhancing the visibility for the posts increasing the dissemination of knowledge. Previously people enjoyed reading print editions. However, they appreciate reading digital editions presently. People prefer digital books to print books currently. What a tremendous transformation the social media has brought!

Undoubtedly, technology has changed the world rapidly in the last decade. Previously, there was a scarcity of information. Presently people find it difficult to choose the right information as they are inundated with excessive information. Previously people retained huge information. Presently people have short attention spans. Likewise, there are several ways social media has influenced and changed the mindsets and attitudes of the people globally. People want to date with others digitally. They want instant love, romance, and sex. They must be very careful about what they post on social media because once the content goes viral, it cannot be withdrawn. Above all, there is hardly any secrecy in the digital world.

Social Media Takes You to a Fantasy and Fantastic World! 

The social media takes you to a virtual world where people thrive with excitement temporarily. Most of the relations are artificial and commercial. Nobody clearly knows the challenges of others because people don’t know each other physically. People often compare and contrast with others assuming that others’ lead better lives which may not be the reality.  It is rightly remarked that another’s pasture always looks greener. At times, they compare with the successful people. They hardly realize how much pain the successful people have taken to reach such positions. Some people want to network with eminent people on social media which may not be possible always. Once they are back from the virtual world to the physical world, they find it difficult to cope up with the realities. It is like going to a film, and be in an imaginative world for a while and reverting to the real-life after viewing the film.

Social networking helps communicate with others and make friends but the communication and friendships may not be as reliable as the physical ones.

When televisions came people began viewing it thus breaking physical association with neighbors and others. When smartphones came people began communicating virtually thus breaking physical communication. We must wed technology but to what extent we must wed technology is a matter of debate. It is shocking to note that the wife and husband who love together and live together in the home chat through smartphones rather than physically.  It is a well-admitted fact that televisions invaded homes previously, and smartphones invaded bedrooms presently.

Use Technology Wisely

Digital pressure is worse than physical pressure because the former deals with the mind while the latter deals with the body. When the mind is stressed it loses its balance. Hence, it is essential to minimize digital pressure by controlling its usage. People often talk about meditation, yoga, and mindfulness because of the pressures the technology has brought to the people. When people are digitally disconnected, they enjoy their life happily. It doesn’t mean that we must throw technology altogether. We must know how to use technology because technology is a double-edged sword. It is both a boon and bane, and it all depends on how we use it.  Similarly, social media is both a boon and bane. It all depends on how you use it. If you use it constructively, you can build a better world. In contrast, if you use it destructively, you can divide the people and create havoc in the world. If the knife is in the hands of a thief, he could use for destructive purpose. If the same knife is in the hands of a surgeon, he could save the life of a person.

Harness the Power of Social Media

As times and technologies are changing rapidly, we must change accordingly because change is the only thing constant in this world. We must learn how to use social media successfully to spread spiritualism in the world. Instead of treating social media as an enemy, we must treat it as an ally to spread spiritualism and promote fraternity in the world.

I effectively use social media to share my knowledge with the world. My vision is to build a knowledgeable global society. I have four blogs and share my ideas and insights. I also post articles on LinkedIn and share the links on social media platforms including Facebook, and Twitter. I basically write posts on leadership, ethics, and success. Recently I have included spiritualism in my writings because I want to replace religion with love to build a better world. Hence, we must make use of social media judiciously to bring the change and make a difference to society.

Conclusion: Although humans created robots, it appears that technology has converted humans into robots. The trend needs to be checked for the benefit of humankind.  Remember, technology is both a culprit and catalyst. It all depends on how judiciously we use it to transform society.

It is a well-admitted fact that human relations cannot be replaced by digital relations because digital relations give temporary excitement while human relations give permanent happiness. People appreciate permanent happiness, not the so-called temporary excitement which is often found to be fake. Hence, emphasize connecting with the people physically rather than virtually to lead a happy and meaningful life. To summarize, it is regrettable to note that virtual relations have replaced traditional human relations. People find it comfortable to send messages than to meet physically. It is not good in the long run as it brings not only health hazards complications but also human complications. To conclude, encourage human relations over virtual relations to bring peace, happiness, and joy.

-CEO World