What does “Total Interior Design” mean?

Total interior design has two meanings: first, what might be called the heart of design, focusing inward on a single intense point; second, what might be called the augmenting of design, the expansion of design to touch every possible point in your space. In either case, the designer is in control, centralizing, orchestrating, and creating fusion. Total interior design is a vision to channel personal expression to conceive an emotional connection and harmony of elements. 

After nearly half a century of perfecting the art of their craft, Mahogany Masterpieces is transforming the way luxury interiors are designed. Their total project management takes over space, subjecting every detail, every surface, to an overarching vision. The team designs and project manage everything: furniture, wallpaper, lighting, feature walls, window dressings, accessorizing, commissioned works of art, custom-made rugs, and drop-down ceilings. The result is a space with no gaps, no cracks – creating harmonious, subtle relationships between the pieces and space.

A whole generation of remarkable artisans and a team of experts come together to create a “total work of art,” in which different art forms would collaborate to produce a singular experience – an environment with an extraordinary density of sensuous effect.

The ethos behind Mahogany Masterpieces as a brand is the idea of uniqueness to an experience; with timeless quality and good design. Good design has a profound impact on our lives and Mahogany Masterpieces believes that home design comprises multi-layered works of art. “Our objective is to elevate the experience of design for our clients where we invite them to explore all avenues. We want our clients to truly ‘feel’ the design they love and yearn for, which is an extension of themselves and their lifestyle, which ultimately helps them truly enjoy being home. Touching on all the senses and augmenting the design process to make it an experience – is how you get there,” says the Managing Director, Kishan Gooneratne.

Craftsmanship is usually seen as a form of resistance, if not the last stand. It gathers all its resources in one sacred place where artisans collaborate to produce a piece with such intense aesthetic value that it blocks out the increasingly industrialized world. The line between the romantic idea of resistance to industrialization through the design of hand-crafted, one-off environments, and the equally romantic idea of embracing progressive machine-age reproduction is quite fine. Real unity can be achieved only by a coherent statement of the essence of the design; by repeating its integral properties in all of its surroundings.

To rethink the relationship between classic and contemporary, we have to rethink the dynamic between the interior and its surroundings. It is precisely in this dynamic that the contemporary status of the design arts is renegotiated. The dream of artistry does not need to fade in modernism’s wake. The flexibility of a designer’s vision integrates all design into a “timeless” aesthetic pattern that can only be perceived by a true connoisseur.

The latest collection at Mahogany Masterpieces features this timelessness at its core. Like quintessential markers of the 1920s and the Jazz Age, Art Deco was shaped by the gradual loosening up of culture in general, with an emphasis on fun and expression. The bold, fluid, symmetrical motifs, patterns, and themes of Art Deco symbolized technological progress in various industries from transportation to architecture that transformed design. Art Deco’s design revolves around luxury, its commitment to boldness and self-expression makes it a perfect fit for modern life. It is an approach to design that truly stands out and earns admiration and emulation still today, more than 100 years after its birth.

Design has and always will, continue to evolve. But what must be appreciated are the elements that encompass the character of these styles. And elements, if done right, can be seamlessly adapted and customized to create a space that is unique to each one of us. The world of interior design never stands still and is constantly reinventing itself. Іntеrіоrs are created with a range of aesthetics, ѕоmе uttеrlу distinct while оthеrs are subtle. Still, еасh рrеѕеntѕ іtѕ оwn taste, fіnіѕh, аnd ехреrіеnсе thаt makes а ѕрасе unіquе. At Mahogany Masterpieces, the expertise lies in understanding the different styles and technology, knowing whаt ѕеtѕ dіffеrеnt dеѕіgn ѕtуlеѕ араrt and еnѕurіng their clients рісk thе реrfесt ѕtуlе fоr their ѕрасе; hеlріng them асhіеvе vіѕuаl реrfесtіоn wіth ease.

“There is no set formula on how to produce luxurious surroundings. It’s more about creating a certain feel for space than following trends,” Kishan explains. “Our goal in creating a home is to create a space that is visually stimulating, yet functional, that gracefully melds timeless elegance with modern life. The expertise we bring to the table is in creating harmonious, subtle relationships between the pieces and space. We believe there is a unique design solution for every space, every client, and every home, and our vision for each project is to discover it…”

Today’s interiors can best be described as transitional and contemporary, where designs take inspiration from different eras, architecture, art, and travel. The advent of media has brought greater awareness of interior design to the general public who understand the importance of the right ambiance and there is a larger group of discerning clients who appreciate luxe materials and carefully selected artistry and the benefits good interior design can bring.

As visualization and communication tools continue to improve, designing in the virtual realm has also become increasingly important. “We don’t distinguish as strongly as we did between what we consider the offline physical world, and online,” says Kishan. “For designers, that opens up the idea that they can have and serve clients anywhere. As technology improves, we keep abreast by enhancing our experiences such as augmented reality already offered on our app. The next major shifts in online retail are beginning to take shape. Visualization is going to be a really big part of it.” With this in mind, the brand has launched its newly designed website, www.mahogany.lk, which promises to be faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. The website features a refreshed look, improved navigation, and a handful of features that will make the overall experience more impactful

“In the future,” says Kishan, “we are likely to see retailers with fewer stores. You have to have the right number of stores, which doesn’t mean you need one in every market. They just need to be more experiential, with top-level customer service to make the buying process an immersive experience.”

However, originality will be more important than ever. As designer products and services become increasingly accessible to a broader market, the most discerning clients will increasingly seek out unique designs from professionals. “There will always be clients who want something that isn’t seen everywhere, and that isn’t available to everyone,” says Kishan. “People in the high-end, bespoke marketplace will look further for novel things, distinctive designs, and commissioned pieces. With the company’s roots of furniture manufacturing beginning with reproduction furniture almost half a century ago, they are the foremost experts in creating a design.

The beauty of timber is celebrated through simplicity and clarity of form that unites every piece, be it a custom commission or a design from the Mahogany Masterpieces collection. The brand’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship and deep knowledge of its history means that each piece is not only made to last but to tell a story. “It is our hope that kind of craftsmanship will become even more prized. We create interiors that are truly bespoke and refined – what our artisans and the team of experts are passionate about is creating beautiful solutions that are completely designed for specific clients and their needs.” And that is the appeal of Mahogany Masterpieces – many of their creations are truly one-of-a-kind, and made with a level of craftsmanship that can be otherwise impossible to find today. As design becomes mainstream, people are going to want individuality and the special touch that will make their interiors remarkable.