Handmade Artistry of Refined Ceramics – Midaya Ceramics

Midaya Ceramics, which was established in 1968, is Sri Lanka’s oldest export ceramics manufacturer. Commencing with just four workers in a small shack, the brand has grown into a group of over 200 multi-skilled artisans efficient at working with a variety of ceramic bodies and techniques to bring one’s visions to life.

The company follows a genuine, eco-friendly, and subtle perspective for its future. Incorporating biodegradable substances acquired from the earth, to create masterpieces that can last for generations, causing no absolute harm to the surroundings. Their faith to cultivate an optimistic perspective among people towards ceramics manufacturing has supported them in catering to a niche, high-end market. Midaya has its own crusher plant, slip house, mold-making department, laboratory, design studio, and packaging plant.

Hand-making their ceramics adds an authentic touch to each piece manufactured. Basic unearthed raw materials like feldspar, dolomite sand, quartz, ball clay, and kaolin are formulated under precise conditions like temperature, pressure, water levels, consistency, grain size, etc. to formulate about 17 types of clay, which is the key component in the ceramic industry. Intense work is concentrated on these raw materials, at proportionate ratios to develop the various types of ceramic mixtures; Earthenware, Stoneware, Terracotta, Porcelain, and color-stained bodies.

Before proceeding into mass productions, a model of the expected idea is handmade or 3D printed. For more delicate work, experienced sculptors spend hours of dedication to surpass the task. These models are later passed on to 3 stages of molding; sample molding, case molding, and production molding utilizing the flexibility of ‘plaster’. Utmost importance is given to science in the molding stage to achieve the anticipated stability of the mold.

Once the molds are ready, premade clay mixtures are poured into these molds and long-dried before sending them over for a fresh coat of vibrant colors performed by artisans who possess a keen eye for detail. These designs are solely based on the demands of the customers working with Midaya Ceramics. Hand painting and glazing are creatively meticulous responsibilities left to the artistic individuals. Fritted and raw glazes, engobes, and color stains are all produced within the Midaya Ceramics laboratory.

After the designing stage, the sculptures are sent for two firings, first at 1000oC and second at 1240oC. The high-temperature levels aid in infusing the ceramics together to make them last longer. In between stages, constant inspection takes place to monitor and maintain the standards up to an international level, as ceramics can shrink or deform at high temperatures, tarnishing the quality.

When it comes to Midaya’s product line, it includes a wide choice of bath accessories, home décor, kitchenware, ornaments, and dinnerware, among other specialties. These products are manufactured with love and passion, making them stand out from the traditional ceramics. Manufacturing and ornamenting ceramics to foreign countries for 50 years has put Midaya’s on the map, also providing exposure to their artistically brilliant employees who work audaciously to blend customers’ requirements and their experience.

Being the only ceramic company in Sri Lanka that exports to China, Midaya’s has contributed immensely to the economy of the country as well. Transfiguring simple raw materials to magnificent elegance has left their clients awed in the splendor. Most customers delve deeper in connecting with the artisans, notching their pieces on a personal level, basing a solid foundation on which to create their collections.

Midaya Ceramics continues to design handmade delicacies of exquisite ceramics to go above and beyond client expectations while maintaining their essential ideals of quality, consistency, flexibility, and integrity.

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