Luxury interiors are defined by comfort and convenience, where your interior environment and surroundings serve you. It should feel warm, inviting, and unique and there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution, especially where clients want to

Mahogany Masterpieces is renowned for the high standards it has set in the furniture industry creating luxury furniture with unmatched quality, skill and passion; and in its quest to achieve the same levels in the interior solutions segment, it has brought in new expertise to channel its resources and workmanship, to celebrate individuality and offer beautiful and poetic design through customised solutions. Meet Ayesha Karunaweera – the Director of design and brand development at Mahogany Masterpieces.  “I have had the privilege of working with some of the most senior and talented Architects in the country over the past 15 years, creating beautiful and luxurious living spaces,” Ayesha says. Ayesha brings a wealth of knowledge on international standards and global exposure having studied at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and thereafter gaining experience at a global furniture brand in the US. Having worked with Mahogany Masterpieces on several projects over the last decade, she has found mutual ground in the aligned values of delivering a high-end service, discovering the right solution and giving life to spaces that are both sophisticated and delicate extensions of the client’s interests.

To be a forerunner in the industry for nearly half a century is no small triumph. The industry is one that is constantly evolving, as are the trends. And with many obstacles currently being faced by the industry and the country as a whole, Mahogany Masterpieces has used its experience dealing with such challenges to secure supply channels and adapt key strategies to ensure smooth operations, having gained a reputation for consistency and dependability over the last 5 decades. Staying true to the ideology of artisanry, Mahogany Masterpieces believes that you need to “curate” space rather than just decorate it. That means using elements that complement the characteristics of each object, outlining unique and personal environments that can sieve through the diverse styles, elements and preferences to create something truly special.

“The goal,” Ayesha says, “is to create rooms with hints of luxury, atmospheres that make people content and that embody what they truly appreciate. The most important quality of a luxurious interior is that the owners see it as a true “home” that reflects them, their ideas, and their interests in the most beautiful and functional way possible.

The type of furniture, textiles, illumination and art with distinctive textures and complementary tones is essential to creating a unique space. The impression must be that it was positioned with precise reason and that its purpose is to transform the home into a captivating refuge.

Sri Lanka has a rich source of artisans and Mahogany Masterpieces takes great pride in having many of them in their midst. A dedicated design team listens to the client’s vision and translates that to achieve balance, unity, and perfect harmony throughout an entire space. Their philosophy of total involvement in all elements of design and production enables them to stand apart and take initiative in local design and production; to set new benchmarks of quality and luxury.

The design studio in Colombo offers a space to curate the design, to create the interior detailing and furnishings and in-depth detailing. Working with the clients, architects, contractors, craftsmen and other disciplines, they create stunning interiors using only the highest quality materials. As professional and responsible interior designers Mahogany Masterpieces does not debate on the idea of consolidating luxury and sustainability, their view is that luxury is already becoming environmentally conscious. The true luxury design explores new ideas, pays close attention to every detail, and carefully considers its resources and surroundings. Mahogany Masterpieces is committed to making up for the raw materials used and ensuring the successful restoration of trees to create ecologically sustainable resource use. Its ‘Plant a Plant’ initiative is aimed at strengthening the green coverage of the island and improving its resilience to climate change.

Mahogany Masterpieces is also the only furniture company to offer total aftercare solutions through its sister company The Furniture Spa. Services ranging from re-polishing, re-upholstery, shampoo cleaning to name a few, means that you have the peace of mind to enjoy your furniture knowing that experts are at hand to give it some TLC whenever needed.

As we navigate the troubles of the outside world, taking care of our interiors has assumed new appreciation. It is essential to consider a holistic and multidisciplinary approach when designing spaces focused on well-being. As people turned to their homes for sanctuary, passage to the new chapter of total project management for the brand was a very natural transition. In-depth observation and analysis of each individual is key to achieving a successful project and the design team takes over space, subjecting every detail and every surface, to an overarching vision. They supervise, if not design, everything; furniture, wallpaper, lighting, feature walls, window dressings, accessorizing, commissioned works of art, custom made rugs and drop-down ceilings. The result is a space with no gaps – creating harmonious, subtle relationships between the pieces and the space.

However, the most discerning clients will increasingly seek out unique designs from the professionals and it is the brand’s hope that true craftsmanship and finer quality will become fittingly appreciated. Creating interiors that are truly bespoke and refined is what their artisans and a team of experts are passionate about and that is the appeal of Mahogany Masterpieces. It creates a lasting impression and impact on the place you call home and it brings with it a great source of pride in owning a masterpiece.

The brand is quietly determined to reinforce its values and expertise which has inspired its latest unveiling of brand imaging with the signature “M” insignia. The branding is sophisticated, elegant and iconic. “The symbolic “M” encapsulates everything that makes the brand what it is, Ayesha explains “…memorable, magical, masterful and magnificent… a subtle nod to what it truly means to earn the inscription of Masterpiece.”