Nüconcepts was initiated in 2018 as a multi-disciplinary interior solutions brand that brings together furniture, homeware, and architectural products with a distinctly unique vision for inspired modern living. The brand manufactures its signature products while at the same time spurring the world to discover and partner with leading design gurus. As a result, a growing spectrum of cohesive contemporary design precisely nurtured aesthetics and exceptional craftsmanship has emerged. We understand that the concept store in Colombo features a selection of custom-designed furniture, selected with a wide variety of authentic international products, such as homeware which enables customers to be inspired by the brand’s approach to tailoring functional and distinctive spaces. 

According to the brand’s history, Nüconcepts was founded by three friends who worked in the real estate industry. They had a strong desire to modernize Sri Lanka’s furniture sector. They were able to identify a gap in the market for furniture that was not only well made but the ability to offer a range of high-quality affordable modern designer furniture. Taking this into consideration, Nüconcepts was created on the principle of delivering versatile yet timeless designs to suit a plethora of contemporary interiors while working closely with the clients to create a space that they will admire and utilize for years to come. 

Looking at some of the brand’s most notable projects and the inspiration behind the designs, it has collaborated diligently with clients, interior designers, and architects to create excellent, unique spaces for both residential and commercial projects, including apartments, villas, boutique hotels, restaurants, and co-working spaces. The work of the brand is persuaded by a desire to achieve a contemporary expression via the use of natural materials, simple yet functional designs, and uncompromising quality without losing sight of the project’s individuality. 

In terms of the brand’s future ambitions, due to the pandemic and import restrictions, it has had to shift its center of attention from import-focused to export-focused in the previous 12 months. This pushed their boundaries to manufacture locally and advocate the importance of custom-made furniture. Since they are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of exceptional furniture, each stage, through every process is meticulously addressed. Towards the future, the brand plans to develop and penetrate new markets to bring in fresh perspectives on Sri Lankan-made luxury furniture. Introducing Nüconcepts to a global audience in comprehensive terms that represent first-class materials, flawless artistry, and perpetual style. To meet the rising sophisticated condominium market and the forthcoming Port city, the brand is broadening its product line to include premium flooring, luxury designer kitchens, and accessories.