Dezine Lounge’s Owner and Architect, Amila Ruwan Liyanapathirana, is an accomplished Project Architect with a track record in the architecture and planning business. AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Manual Drafting, Revit, and Project Coordination are among Amila’s many talents. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture – BArch specialized in Architecture from the University of Moratuwa and is a strong professional in the domains of Arts and Design.

In architecture, beauty is found in the performance and behavior of a building’s structure and façade elements as a component. The structural form should be appealing to the eye while also being driven by engineering considerations. An elegant design is the result of engineering creativity, meets the needs of efficiency and economy, and is also elegant.

When asked what drew Amila to the world of Architecture and Interior Design, he says he has always been fascinated by spaces, colors, the way things are put together, and design. His advancement in Architecture appeared to be natural, fulfilling his dreams of combining creativity with practical solutions and problem-solving. Amila believes that architecture, particularly modern architecture, is more than just a craft involving the design of buildings; it enhances the aesthetics and beauty of the natural world, as well as the unfitness in clean lines. He continues by stating that minimalistic interiors not only create comfort but also promote environmentally friendly lifestyles. “Making the world beautiful attracted me to Architecture and Interior Design. I think Architects typically tend to think about architecture all the time, I know I do”, he stated. Amila does not only refer to the specific type of construction or project; as it is a very interesting thing in his life, he begins to look at materials, form, massing, lighting, and so on wherever he goes.

In 2016, Amila received his professional qualifications from the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in addition to his graduation from the University of Moratuwa in 2013. Amila looks at his motivation for creating Dezine Lounge and mentions how, in recent years, he has been part of one of Sri Lanka’s key hospitality projects that have influenced him through important international practices. Amila says he always envisages new ways of practicing contemporary industrial solutions. Dezine Lounge is a dream of his professional life. He thought of this as one of the most singular and modern practical concepts since it is creative to discover contemporary practical solutions. In summary, Dezine Lounge was created because Amila wants to display the talent he has and the beauty and aesthetic knowledge that comes with design.

Amila believes in a small community collecting services from specialists when Dezine Lounge designs a location, regardless of how the business differentiates itself from other design firms. He believes the problem is that most individuals are unaware of the advantages of using a professional designer when it comes to design. People assume that the high cost of design is needless, according to him, but Amila feels that design has unfathomable value. To maintain good communication, the business treats its valuable clients as members of the team, while also giving them the freedom to provide their preferred criteria. Dezine Lounge creates a variety of architectural and interior design projects. The team doesn’t cling to a single design style; anything that they find intriguing and hard allows them to experiment with various materials, textures, and contexts. When it comes to any project, the design team’s first and primary priority is to build a solid relationship with their clients. The brand’s design approach focuses on cutting-edge architecture and interior design that is distinctly 21st-century.

Since brand values are key to any company, Amila provides services to customers by its requirements and requests. He also values current esoteric designs that represent ingenuity, futuristic developments, and personal interests. Finally, he claims that by combining the environment with design and construction to create places, a magnificent connection between nature and architecture is created.

According to Amila, what makes the aspect of interior design significant in architecture is that architectural design provides the basis for interior design. He also says that the beauty, esthetics, and practicality of interior design are improved by good architectural characteristics.

Amid the pandemic, Amila thinks this is a transit time for society because it is not the world’s first pandemic. He continues to say how people were more creative and advanced despite the troubling situations. This positive attitude gave him a strong perspective to think. Since everyone has changed now to new concepts, e.g., work from home, contact-less pay, online ordering, etc., Amila believes that future buildings and spaces will change as well. He continues to say that we are more interested in the hygiene of spaces, the distance between spaces, and the technological development of spaces. In conclusion, Amila inspired architecture to talk about its time and place, but too long for temporality.