Safraz Careem, the Director and Chief Operating Officer of Alpha Industries Pvt Ltd, is a proud alumnus of Royal College Colombo.  He developed a clear set of fundamental principles for himself with the help of his alma mater. He began his career as a merchandiser at MAS Holdings, Sri Lanka’s largest apparel manufacturer, where he gained a thorough understanding of the facets of working in large conglomerates as well as supply chain management.

He consolidated as Head of Sales in the B2B for Shell Inc, a leading global and gas company, for the next decade, where he was able to gain in-depth knowledge of business working of a Large Multinational. He goes on to say that he was mentored in areas of Leadership, Corporate Ethics, and sustainable development in the corporate sector. Safraz went on to be a founding member of the well-known local online service “” after gaining comprehensive corporate experience. The service has grown from a small group of experts to a large number of entrepreneurs, and it was the country’s leading e-commerce site. He went on to describe his experience in the corporate structure, which led him to sharpen his understanding of the aspects of working in a startup company. Safraz goes on to explain how this provided him with an ideal experience for leadership at Alpha Industries.

Considering its 50-year journey in the industry, when asked how Alpha Industries maintains steady and consistent growth in terms of its impressive distribution network and effective marketing capabilities, Safraz states that the success of alpha has been set up from the inception of the organization by prioritizing the customer and always making sure that their expectation from an Alpha product is fulfilled.

Safraz has built a strong foundation on trust by providing clients with faith in the product’s consistency, which has led to the expansion of Alpha’s showrooms and dealer network island-wide. Alpha Industries will collaborate with clients to provide them with an awareness of the culture surrounding companies, improve employee engagement, and furnish spaces with inspirational pieces from the company’s state-of-the-art factories fitted with sophisticated machinery by conducting continuous analysis of up-and-coming workplace patterns. Given that Alpha Industries is acutely aware that architecture evolves, the business employs efficient methods for delivering customers’ desired outcomes.

Many people have lost their jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic’s calm, companies have had to close, and the country’s economy has entered a slump. However, since Sri Lanka has faced numerous challenges in the past, our country can adapt to any situation. With this in mind, Safraz is optimistic that Sri Lanka’s economy will recover faster than most of the world. When a corporation establishes targets, it makes its expectations clear to everybody who works there. Goal setting is used to show workers what they need to work on the most in the coming quarter, allowing them to prioritize their tasks. In terms of expansion, Safraz explains how Alpha Industries aims to proceed in the coming years. He goes on to say that he wants Alpha Industries to be known as the one-stop-shop for all furniture solutions, with a focus on healthcare furniture and its interior solution division. Furthermore, Safraz reported, “We want to join the export market as soon as possible.” He mentions the dramatic rise in staple prices as one of the company’s problems, which ultimately leads to an increase in the end-customer price. Despite this, Alpha Industries continues to do its utmost to make its processes more effective through the use of cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in these critical times.

Examining a company’s assets can be a pleasurable experience. After all, knowing what you do well and how well you do it goes hand in hand with the reasons for starting a company. Looking at flaws, on the other hand, can be just as unpleasant. After putting in so much effort to start the business, it’s disheartening to discover that it falls short in some places. Looking at strengths and weaknesses together, on the other hand, teaches a business owner how to place their company for success. Alpha Industries’ greatest asset, according to Safraz, is his hardworking and devoted workers. Alpha Industries builds mutual equity in all of its activities by investing in a team of excellent craftsmen, which includes leading interior designers as well as a sales and distribution team that looks at all client requirements, particularly during these tough times.

With the recent boom in global technological advancements, Alpha Industries has diversified by being able to spot, develop, and adapt to current trends to stay significant. Alpha Industries recognizes that multinational conglomerates are entering the local market, which necessitates maintaining quality levels in line with the perceived importance that consumers put on certain goods and services while adhering to and maintaining international standards. The furniture behemoth has also forged alliances with leading appliance manufacturers, ranging from Bristol in Malaysia to Chubbsafes in the United Kingdom, as well as Haworth in the USA. Safraz stated, “I believe that the relevance of Alpha Industries shall remain unimpeached despite changes in the market.”

To conclude, Safraz goes onto state that “Workplace design is in a constant state of flux. The work we do and the ways we do it will always be evolving. The most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes and ears open. Seek out new trends in work styles and spaces, solicit ongoing feedback from your clients and be flexible and ready to change.”