“True success lies in the creation of a balanced lifestyle.” As an individual radiating the illuminating behavior of true victory in life, Nayomi Hadunnetti, founder of Siren, Elixir Ceylon and the Executive Director of Hadun Villas and Restaurants, relies on the evidently effective lifestyle of balance, where she prominently fulfills the roles of a caring mother, attentive spouse, a strong leader and an enriching mentor.

Nayomi, a strong character who stands on the grounds of taking courageous risks for the betterment of many, has always been keen on the idea of entrepreneurship and leadership. As these fields offer her the best chance to be her true self and allow her the chance to seize untapped opportunities in order to create better productive outcomes out of those opportunities, Back in 2014, the idea of establishing Hadun villas sprang from such an opportunity, and for Nayomi, it was a non-negotiable chance. Her entrepreneurial eye foresaw the huge potential in the market too precious to forgo. Thus, the concept of Hadun Villas and restaurants came into action, targeting the luxury tourism market, where they built on the concept of providing tourists with a fully-fledged, luxurious heritage experience of culture, nature, wellness, and cuisine of Ceylon.

With her right hand in the tourism industry, Nayomi was passionate about expanding her empire into the diverse sector of marketing and sales, where her keen eye for spotting golden opportunities came into play once more. The birth of Siren came into action with the fore-bearing and gracious thought of catering to the lost talents of the industry, especially when it came to the women of the industry. Nayomi saw the huge amount of potential talent the industry lost due to the rigid formats of corporate structures that seem to have been established through outdated rules of patriarchy. Following the realization of the issue, Nayomi came up with Siren, where women, predominantly working mothers, were offered the chance to work for a flexible corporate structure offering them pliable working hours and on-site or remote working opportunities. Nayomi’s vision successfully created and allowed a working space that truly catered to the employee’s needs as much as customers’, and a service structure that focused on the true potential of an individual without superficially limiting them. The structure she created allowed the employee’s potential to be determined through their ability to fulfill their expected targets while providing them with the freedom to balance their lifestyle.

“We have an open culture without complying with the usual rigid hierarchy. I truly believe in the success of a friendly culture where understanding is key. “

With the establishment of an understanding culture within the corporate structure, Nayomi’s exceptional vision has inveterate diversity as well as equality, where 50% of her corporate structure is comprised of female participants with drive and determination. Productivity is evident as her company thrives on the dedication of her employees, which Nayomi is truly grateful for. Her perception of understanding has truly catered to a progressive structure based on understanding, which is prominently based on humanism, leaving zero space for discrimination to occur and successfully allowing her to establish the perfect balance she candidly believes in.

“If you are capable of establishing yourself at a point where you can successfully balance your personal and professional life as well as your health, it will be one of the best achievements to possess as a human being.”

Relying on a positive mindset where the above-mentioned balance is prominently made to be the ultimate goal, Nayomi occupies her schedule with being an attentive spouse and mother, as well as a mentor to her employees, while also attending to self-care through fitness and wellness. She claims that the dream life many hope to achieve is always attainable if one is willing to put in the necessary work. The balance comes with sacrifice, compromise, and flexibility, as well as a mindset that always looks forward to gradually progressing towards the ultimate goal.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task. It is mostly a lone task where sometimes one may feel the burden of responsibility all on his or her shoulders. However, with the right mindset, marketing ability, dependable finances, and consistent cash flow, one can ensure that the flow of processes in a company is maintained while expanding your network. I hope to establish a worthy personal brand that contributes to the community you are surrounded by. “

With the priceless golden advice of what it is to be a true entrepreneur, Nayomi continues to offer the best to her community. Her true remark as a personality of power and courage is marked by stone-hard dedication. She offered to establish her empire. Her passion to convert opportunities into assets of immeasurable value marks her as the most unique and treasured quality she developed as an entrepreneur who worked seven hard years to become a truly successful leader who stands for equality and justice in her industry. Nayomi Hadunnetti thrives and prospers on the web of concern she weaves as a compassionate entrepreneur who values humanism beyond all boundaries.