The only constant in the world is change, and it takes a really strong personality to shift the constant change into continual progression. Making constant progress by tackling the many challenges she faced, Sashika Hewawasam, Head of Quality and Compliance at SML Group, looks above and beyond obstacles to deliver her best on achieving any goal she targets.

During the industrial revolution, leaders managed effectively using the command, control, leverage, and best practices to solve problems. Sashika believes in the science behind this concept and considers that most leaders should work as scientists. In her view, they should scan best practices and create a competitive advantage by creating new and innovative solutions in the face of chaos, ultimately guiding their team to excellence.

“My core as a scientist embraced me to change my mindset and behaviour from directing to experimenting while realizing that as leaders in complex times, we are creating new solutions rather than drawing from the past. Scientists are excited about challenges. “

With such a solid background to guide her thought process as a leader, Sashika views good leadership as a necessary privilege. As a female leader pushing to reach the top, she persevered in the face of a range of challenges. She stands resilient in the face of many trials and claims that true professionalism is the key to survival and success. With a professional and personal support system encouraging her to do her best, Sashika has made her way through the corporate jungle as a woman with excellent professionalism.

“My circle is always chosen by quality over quantity, and my acquaintances have motivated me, encouraged me, and cached me when I have fallen.”

Her ability to inspire others and her intellectual stimulation are highly motivated by the challenges she tackles. The desire to overcome challenges fuels her to get things accomplished. She stands as a woman who dares to dream big, challenge assumptions and continually inspire her team. Making the impossible seem possible, pragmatic, resilient, and with an ability to maneuver tricky situations, Sashika is careful to maintain her true essence and true self with grace, while she targets to always grow as a professional.

“The biggest challenge I have faced in my career as a woman is getting in my own way. There are plenty of times that a male-dominated system has underestimated me and peer women have let me down. I always felt that I had to say “yes” to get ahead. Sometimes, I realized that I had to be twice as good to get half because I am a girl. Those rejections fueled my ambition and helped me climb the ladder with purpose and passion.”

Utilizing astute success strategies to break the inevitable challenges of professional encounters, Sashika has persisted to climb her way to the top from being one of the few women in the workplace to be an excellent leader. Because the number of women in leadership roles in technology is small, Sashika believes it is important to build a strong network that provides you with the strength to grow. With the support and upkeeping of current trends in the industry, Sashika now claims the confidence and vows the factor that gender plays no ultimate role in a woman’s career if she is professional in her field.

“If you do work that captivates and transforms you, then you can become successful in any field. I have learned that we sometimes must keep our profile low in order to storm through. I always embrace, empower, and support other women due to my basic principles of who we are and our morals, values, and integrity. We should be humble and show togetherness, passion, and excellence when we build alliances with our decisions.”

As any company is predicted to be successful with ethical solidity, and a fierce plan to deal with competition in the contemporary business world, companies’ leadership should realize that leadership is not about winning when things are moving smoothly. As Sashika states, companies need good leadership, especially when things are going against the natural flow and the circumstances are not predictable. To be sustainable, one must always consider ways of innovations and should create an environment for the workforce to implement good innovational strategies. “Let others doubt you, judge you, and criticize you. But never let it shake you.” While hoping to continue her journey with this mantra, embodying the courageous energy of a one-of-a-kind leader, Sashika continues to empower people to embrace change, be assertive, build strong character, and be happy.