Ayodhaya Jayewardene is an innovative Interior Architect with more than 10 years of professional expertise. She started her career at PWA, worked as a senior designer, and afterward as a partner at Ispirato Pvt Ltd. Ayodhaya holds a Bachelor of Art History from the USA, an HND Diploma of Interior Design from the Academy of Design (AOD), Sri Lanka; and a Bachelor of Interior Design with First Class Honours from Birmingham University, UK. In 2018 she prospered well in setting up her Interior Architecture Design studio called “Ayointerior”.

Viewing one of her projects, Ayodhaya is the brains behind the recently refurbished and re-launched Fab Patisserie outlet in Kolpity, which is located in the heart of Colombo. Fab Patisserie is a classic household pastry business that has been around for over four decades. Considering the premises’ need for contemporary sophistication, a test project was designed on Duplication Road before the opening of the flagship store. Ayodhaya was able to embrace a kindred design ethos to the Kolpity outlet, later on, acknowledging very positive feedback from the patrons and client.

The Fab Patisserie project entailed modifying the previously underutilized back office into an expanded Café space, complete with an outside dining area and an industrial kitchen. Ayodhaya accomplished the fresh look by installing custom-designed pastel color-infused wallpapers and wall murals all across the new interior and exterior. The teak inlaid floors, marble worktops and counter, custom-designed light fixtures, and furniture give the interior of the space just the right mix of elegance and grace. Not only do they provide exquisite coffee and healthful breakfast spreads in the extended space, but they also have an array of luscious desserts. The atmosphere generated inside the newly built flagship location demonstrates the significance of the space as being more than just a Café.

Another part of this project that Ayodhaya looked into was branding. While the original design remained the same, she worked around it to give the brand an exciting, gleaming feel that appealed to a younger audience. She not only helped with the interior, exterior, and landscaping but also assisted with the branding and design of their delivery fleet.

By striking a lasting facade, an appealing structure becomes iconic. Architecture is a timeless fashion because of its elegance. This refinement, however, extends beyond the ornamental covering of structures. Within such classic buildings is a structure that extends the space’s aesthetic life while also providing it a distinct visual identity. Ayodhaya and her company, Ayointerior, pursue to present complete Interior Architecture solutions at an elevated standard.