The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) has made arrangements to facilitate export-oriented industries based on the circulars issued by the Government Health Authorities to continue operations of their activities during the lockdown of specific areas in the country and inter-provincial travel restrictions subject to stringent health regulations.

Although travelling between provinces is restricted from 12th to 31st May, including nationwide travel restrictions from 13th – 17th May, transport of cargo to/from the country’s port of entry/exit is allowed during this period (proof required).

The export-oriented industries are allowed to function within a bio-secure bubble by ensuring secure transport and accommodation for workers under the close supervision of area MOH while agricultural activities are permitted normal operations with strong compliance to DREAM (Distance, Respiratory Etiquette, Aseptic technique, Mask).

Furthermore, the export enterprises in lockdown areas have been given permission to function, however; employees residing in lockdown areas shall not report to work. The companies are advised to adhere to the relevant revised operational guidelines on preparedness and response for COVID-19 outbreak for the manufacturing/apparel industry and other health guidelines pertaining to the functionality of the enterprises issued by the Ministry of Health.

The guidelines and instructions that need to be followed by the enterprises during this period can be obtained from the EDB website – and by contacting the EDB helpdesk via 2300710 or by emailing [email protected]. The EDB has taken steps to strengthen its helpdesk in order to assist exporters during this difficult time period by introducing 14 focal points for the relevant export product/service sectors, and their contact numbers are available on the EDB website.

All relevant Government Authorities including the police and the tri forces have pledged their continued support for the smooth operations of the export sector.

-Lanka Business Online