Approval has been granted by the Cabinet of Ministers to provide relief to low-income families who are distressed due to the current economic crisis.

As per the proposals submitted by the Ministers of Finance and Samurdhi, a special cash allowance is to be provided from May to July 2022.

The government said low-income families entitled to Samurdhi, Elderly, Kidney patients, and Disability Allowances have been severely affected by the current economic crisis in the country. 

The State has identified the need for immediate relief for those families and their families on the waiting list. 

A total of 3.3 million families have been identified as beneficiaries of the relief programme. 

Thereby, the government will spend Rs. 18,767 million per month and Rs. 56,301 million for the three-month duration of the relief programme. 

The government said Contingent Emergency Response Component in projects funded by the World Bank Group will provide the necessary funding for that. 

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposals regarding the special cash allowance to provide the relevant relief to the identified families from May to July.