The pandemic being an exclamatory experience for employees worldwide regardless of the traits, Fairfirst has a reasonable number of turbulences. Yet, managing their existence as an insurance company, Fairfirst considers their employees and their development very meticulously. The Head of Human Resources at Fairfirst, Manjari Kumarage states, “A highly curated learning and development platform called The Fairfirst Academy was crafted with the knowledge of in-house and external industry champions coaching on how to be better at what we do, learn new skills related to the industry and to hone leadership skills”. Delivering more than 150 sessions and 14,000 dedicated learning hours, Fairfirst stands ahead in assisting their employees during a pandemic.

Meanwhile, Fairfirst takes accountability for their employee’s well-being during lockdown via a 24X7 trilingual ‘Well-being Hotline’ rooted in guiding and assisting colleagues through calamities. Furthermore, having their own Chief Medical and Well-being Advisor, Fairfirst implements medical expertise into their Wellness & Healthcare initiatives, focusing on augmenting the employee’s health & well-being across Fairfirst. Moreover, opting for the ‘work-from-home’ facilities like Virtual healthcare clinics, early salary remuneration, healthy living promotion etc., has taken Fairfirst to be the lowest employee attrition recognition amongst being listed in the ‘2020 Top Insurance Workplaces in Asia-Pacific’ by Insurance Business Asia and the‘Best Employee Benefits Provider’ at the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2021.